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On Saturday, February 9, 2007, Trevor Garrett will be fighting in his biggest test to date. The stage is the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii and his opponent is UFC and Pride veteran and Miletich product Robbie Lawler. This main event not only has mammoth repercussions for Garrett but for Lawler as well. A win here for Garrett and not only does he solidify himself for Icon?s Middleweight Title but it also puts other organizations on alert. Will Garrett be able to pull of the upset and achieve his goal? Here is what he told ADCC News in a brief interview days for his biggest fight. ADCC: Trevor, let?s talk about your family first. Congratulations to you and your wife on the new baby girl. How is the family and what is it like juggling training, a wife, and a new born? TREVOR: Thank you very much. Yeah, she is beautiful and that?s why we named her Pixie! Its tough. I bring Pixie with me training in the morning and she just lays there on her blanket and watches me train. She gets cranky only when she?s hungry, but of course I stop and feed her when she gets to that point. Other than that it?s very rewarding. My wife Amanda is great. On hard training days she will wake up with Pixie through the night. ADCC: Before you were a fighter, it seemed you were really interested in the sport of body building. How did you go from there to fighting? TREVOR: No, I was never a bodybuilder. I lifted weights every now and then, but never got serious with it. I guess its just genetics. I was a Pro BMX racer for many years, till I snapped a bunch of bones and said ?heck there?s no one out there that can hit as hard as I have wrecked!? (laughs) Actually, my buddy Ronnie Fields got me started in fighting.ADCC: Oh, okay. Besides Fields, who have you been training with lately and are you working on any aspect of fighting more that the other? TREVOR: I have been working day-in and day-out with a guy named Garth Krane. He has cleaned up my whole entire game. I owe this win to him big time! Chris Stivers also helps me a lot when he is not in the mix with all the other fighters out of the Killing Fields. They have me working on everything the same. I have improved 100% in all parts of the game. ADCC: You will be fighting Robbie Lawler in a few days in the main event of Icon Sport?s ?All In? event in Hawaii . What does it feel like to be in this type of fight? TREVOR: It feels great. You get all types of exposure that way. Icon is an awesome event, with many many great fans in Hawaii . ADCC: Throughout your career you had some wars with some seasoned veterans. What was your most rewarding fight and is Lawler your toughest opponent to date? TREVOR: This will be my most rewarding (fight) because I have never trained as hard and had as long to train for a fight as this one. I?m going into this one, win or lose, I will leave happy knowing I gave it my all. In regards to my previous fights, I say Reese Andy is a tough dude. ADCC: A win here not only give us a possible shot at Icon?s title that Frank Trigg now holds, but it also lets other organizations know your skills and caliber. With that being said, how much pressure is on you in this fight? TREVOR: No pressure at all. Like I said I?m going into this fight with tons of training under my belt, and believe me what I go through in training is way tougher than any fight, thanks Garth! I?m in no hurry to get into other organizations, because I?m improving left and right. I want to be perfect when I get there! ADCC: What do you say to people who think you?re being brought into showcase Lawler and lose to him? TREVOR: (laughs) That is fine let them see me fight and they will see I?m not a push over. I?m going to bring it to Lawler, just wait and see. ADCC: The last time you fought a Miletich fighter, you stopped Rory Markham last year. Can you bring any of that into this fight with Lawler being as though they are from the same camp? TREVOR: Man that fight was not trained for believe it or not. I just went in there and laid it all down on the line and just prayed I did not gas out. I?m brining that and so much more to this fight. I have learned tons since then, and I?m a whole new fighter. ADCC: Being from the same area as the Miletich Camp, is there any friendly rivalry going on? TREVOR: We all know each other outside of are personal lives. There is no rivalry just work. I never had a grudge on any fighter, we respect each other highly. I have met Robbie a few times he is a very nice guy, and a heck of a fighter to watch. ADCC: In a perfect world, what do you see happening on February 9, 2007 ? TREVOR: I just see an all out war of the ages (laughs). I feel awesome for this fight and that?s all I can say. I can?t wait to showcase a new me! ADCC: Thanks for your time Trevor and good luck. Do you have anything to say to your fans or sponsors? TREVOR: Thanks to everyone that has watched me fight over the years and thanks to all the fans of mma because of you this sport is getting huge. Thanks to Sprawl, Headblade, Wired Energy Drinks, Six Deuce Fightwear, and Gladiator Mouthguards.

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