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ble at the Roseland XXVIIFriday,JAn 26th, 2007COMPLETE RESULTS Tom Coleman vs. Dan HickieColemans 37 birthday go tot give the guy credit for getting in the cage, but he should have swpent his birthday somewhere else. Dan Hickie via tapout from punches 1st round. 1:40 Ron Farmer vs. Blaine NuttallNuttall 1st round tapout due to armbar. I heard is was dislocated and I heard that it was broken.. Either way the guy was in massive pain. 1:25 David Berkey vs. Andrew GundlachGundlach won via tapout from punches beginning of the 2nd :31 Howard Kim (from hawaii) vs. Ron PaulsonPaulson handled him for as long as it lasted. Beginning of the first round Kim fell over and ref stopped the fight. Not sure what made him fall, but he was holding his back. 1:19 KO Josh Downing vs. Brandon Maynard (San Diego)Slugfest, lots of big punches. Both ended up winded, but Downing won by armbar 3:48 of Rd. 1. Chris Brown vs. Tom CollisonCollison seemed to be loosing the fight, but pulled out an armbar to take the win at 1:23 of RD. 2. Kile Beck vs. Dale CorzineBattle back and forth, Corzine got winded Beck smelled blood delivered a good kick to the gut and finished with punches. Ref stoppage. 3:38 of Rd. 1. Shawn McGhean vs. Dustin WilsonJudges score cards for McGhean. Wilson has amazing takedowns but didnt do anything with them. McGhean punched and stayed busy from the bottom and never slowed his pace, and was going for subs. Coleman Webb vs. Norman ReuterRueter rear naked choke 1st round 1:58 Jason Evola vs. Dave WebbWebb came out with a flying high kick Evola blocked, backed up to the cage tried another high kick when his leg was touching down Evola hammered him. Evola 14 second knockout in Rd. 1. Brian Tellis vs. Mike AboAbo controlled most of round one both fighters stayed active. Seemed that both came out winded. Abo was patient and waited for the sub, ended via rear naked choke 2nd round 4:01. Zac Combs vs. Drew TannerCombs worked him took mount ref stoppage 1:41 of Rd. 1. Tyler Everall vs Andy EichholzJudges cards spilt decision for Eichholz. Very close fight Bobby Corpuz vs. Elijah FayCorpuz on top raining down punches, Fay going for subs lots of activity from both fighters. Fay on top, Corpuz going for subs, not many punches from Fay. Great 1st round. Corpuz finally got the armbar they both were going for in 4:04 of Rd. 2. Alex Alvarez vs. Jake McKnightHuge difference from when these two squared off in Dec. Alvarez dominated all of round one Most of round two. But McKight put up a great fight. For Alvarez controlling most of the fight it was great to watch. McKnight never gave up, looked frusterated, but fought a good fight. The rubber match between these two will be a good one to watch. They both agreed that it should happen. Jerrod Jones vs Dave CulbertsonSpectacular first round, not one stop in action. close to the end of the first round Culbertson from his back with both legs pushed Jones way up in the air and clocked him with a right hand on his way down. If there was a highlight reel that would have been on it. Jones fought hard but Culbertsons conditioning seemed to be what made the difference in round 2. Culbertson by armbar at 2:16 of Round 2. Nick Braker vs Josh BennettBennett by judges cards, not the way he wanted to win. Braker worked Josh for most of the fight. Bennett had some great punches, lost alot of blood and whatever he ate earlier in the day (due to a low blow) . Braker would have won the fight but was deducted 2 points for low blows. Depending on where you were sitting there was more that 2 but that was all that was called.

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