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Eddie Millis? Invincible – Fist of Fury IIstory and photos by Todd HesterOntario, CA − There were two ways for Southern California MMA addicts to get a dose of their favorite sport on Saturday night, November 18. The first was to stay home in a cramped living room (mine is, at least) sitting in front of a blurry 19-inch television watching a two-inch tall Matt Hughes in the UFC. The other was to get off the couch and go to Eddie Millis? Fists of Fury II at the spacious and modern Ontario Convention Center to watch exciting live fights and beautiful Bodog ring girls! Main EventsIn the headline match, Don ?Rocco? Augustus faced Rick Randolf, who had taken the match on relatively short notice. Rocco is a very tough fighter who has a balanced stand-up and ground game and who is very deserving of his 6-0 record. The tough Randolf was not impressed, however, as he took Rocco down to top inside guard. Rocco, however, executed a very technical lift sweep, turned Randolf over, and applied a read naked choke for the round one victory and his seventh straight win.?I let Randolf get the takedown,? said Rocco afterwards. ?I had been practicing my sweeps all week and I was confident I could turn him over and go to his back. Give Randolf credit, though, he took that match on short notice and came out hard.?Bao Quach came out to face Armando Sanchez in a match that featured several good striking exchanges in the first minute, leading everyone to believe that a barnburner was in the works. It was not to be, however, as Quach put Sanchez down with a punch and then jumped on him and flurried. Sanchez covered for several seconds, seemed to take most of the blows on his gloves, and then kicked Quach away and jumped to his feet. Referee Doc Hamilton, however, fearing for Sanchez?s safety, had seen enough and waved the fight off in a TKO win for Quach, much to the displeasure of Sanchez.?You have to give a fighter a chance to recover,? said Sanchez afterwards. ?I was pushed off-balance more than knocked down. But after I kicked Quach off the ref still stopped the fight. One flash knockdown should not be a reason for a TKO.?Feature FightsJaime Fletcher then faced Andrew Flores in a spirited battle of two agile and quick big men. Flores appeared to have an edge in striking but abandoned that strategy for a series of jumping kicks, while although spectacular, seemed to tire him and give Fletcher an opening to take him down, where he got the mount and flurried to end the round. In the second Fletcher again went to the ground, nearly getting a keylock on the tired Flores. After the standup Fletcher put Flores on the mat for good with a devastating head-kick for the round two KO.Zach Light showed off a advanced ground game against Nick Willert, as he got stung on the feet early in the first round by Willert?s quick hands. He quickly asserted his ground game, however, getting a near guillotine to close the first stanza and then trapping Nick Willert in a crucifix early in the second, hitting him unopposed until the referee stopped the match for the TKO win.Ismail Lett started fast as he got a takedown on Jeff Terry, got top position, walked him into the fence, and then finished him with a barrage of strikes for the round one 2:42 TKO win.Preliminary ActionMaurice Doucette got the night off to a spectacular start as he landed a roundhouse kick to drop Darvin Wattree at the beginning of the second round, after being mauled on the ground by Wattree in the first. Miguel Linares then pressured Carlos Lovio from the opening bell before knocking him down with a knee and finishing with a flurry for a round one TKO. Aric Nelson employed similar tactics as he took down Ricky Bloom against the fence and then pummeled him for the first round TKO stoppage. Bobby Sanchez and Joe Baros engaged in a three-round battle that saw Sanchez get the decision due to his consistent takedowns and ground control.ConclusionThe 1500 lucky fans who choose to spend a night a night out on the town with Eddie Millis and Fist of Fury 2, including a great afterparty at Boston?s Bar and Grill, the site of the weigh-in, were treated to a night to remember. With great fights, plentiful parking, and convenient access to the freeway, Invincible is a painless way to experience the great sport of mixed martial arts (unless you?re a fighter, of course)!For more information on upcoming Invincible shows visit Fist of Fury II ResultsSaturday, Nov. 18Ontario Convention CenterOntario, California205 lbs. ? Don ?Rocco? Augustus DEF Rick Randolph, R1, RNC145 lbs. − Bao Quach DEF Armando Sanchez, R1, TKO, 1:01, GnPHWT − Jaime Fletcher DEF Andrew Flores, R2, 2:56 KO, Head Kick155 lbs. Zach Light DEF Nick Willert, R2, 1:29, TKO, GnP from Crucifix205 lbs. Ishmill Lett DEF Jeff Terry, R1, TKO, 2:42, GnP from MountBobby Sanchez DEF Joe Baros, 3R, DecisionAric Nelson DEF Ricky Bloom, R1, TKO, 2:24 GnP Against Fence140 lbs. Miguel Linares DEF Carlos Lovio, R1, TKO,1:48, Knee then GnP185 lbs. Maurice Doucette DEF Darvin Wattree, R2, KO, :16, Head Kick


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