You think you’ve got what it takes? Prove it! ADCC North American Trials

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So you think you have what it takes to beat Roger Gracie, Dean Lister, Leozinho Vieira, Marcelo Garcia, Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ or Jeff Monson? Then prove it! Throw your name in the fire and start out by facing the best fighters in America in the ADCC North American Trials! The ADCC North American Trials takes place on Saturday, October 28th, 2006 at the William Patterson University, 300 Pompton Road , Wayne, New Jersey. Face and defeat the top American fighters in the ADCC N.A. Trials and automatically secure a spot to fight the BEST IN THE WORLD at ADCC 2007. Take a chance to be the next ADCC Champion, like former trials winner and current Superfight Champion Dean Lister, who went on to win the Absolute Division in ’03 and the Super-fight in ’05 collecting $40,000.00 for his wins each of those years! There are still a few available spots, so if you still think you have what it takes, then send your resume to [email protected] and to [email protected] for a chance to compete in the trials against the following:Men’s Lightweight – 65 kgs and under: 1. Jeff Glover (16-Time GQ Champ) 2. Johnny Ramirez (New Breed Academy ) 3. Mike Mrkulic (Royler Gracie/Dave Adiv) 4. Dave Jacobs (Team Yamasaki/2-Time GQ-U.S. Trials Finalist) 5. Darren Uyenoyama (Ralph Gracie) 6. Sim Go (Team Grapplers Quest/8-Time Champ) 7. Ricky Lundell (Pedro Sauer) 8. MIKE BROWN (ATT) 9. Shane Rice (Rickson Gracie) 10. Team Renzo Gracie Representative 11. Mike Easton (Team Lloyd Irvin) Men’s Welterweight – 66-76 kg: 1. Mark Bocek (ADCC Canadian Rep in 2003, 4-Time GQ Champ) 2. Bill ‘The Grill’ Cooper (Paragon Jiu Jitsu/2006 GQ U.S. Trials Champ) 3. Mike Fowler (Team Lloyd Irvin/7-Time GQ Advanced Champ) 4. Kurt Pellegrino (UFC Veteran/2-Time GQ Superfight Champ) 5. Rob Kahn (Royce Gracie Black Belt) 6. Don ‘The Beast’ Ortega (Alberto Crane) 7. Jay Hayes (Performance BJJ/RGDA) 8. Daniel Valverde (American Top Team) 9. Greg McIntyre (Dean Lister) 10. ADCC Midwest Qualifier (Indianapolis tournament) 11. Team Renzo Gracie Representative 12. Enrico Cocco (Freestyle Fighting Academy – Miami, FL) 13. Eric Koble (All-American Wrestler, 2005 Trials Competitor)14. Jack McVicker (Wellington ‘Megaton’ Dias/Rickson Gracie) 15. Joel Tudor (Rodrigo Medeiros) Men’s Cruiserweight – 77-87 kg: 1. Rafael Lovato, Jr. (Saulo Ribeiro/2006 GQ U.S. Trials Champ) 2. Chris Moriarty (Team Alliance/2006 GQ U.S. Trials Finalist) 3. Justin Garcia (Jungle Gym/Undefeated in MMA/2005 U.S. Trials Finalist) 4. Rick Macauley (2005 GQ U.S. Trials Champion, 2005 ADCC Competitor) 5. Luke Stewart (Ralph Gracie) 6. Jon Fitch (American Kickboxing Academy-UFC Veteran) 7. Roberto Torralbas (Lloyd Irvin) 8. Team Renzo Gracie Representative9. Tim Shears 10. Clarck Gracie (Rodrigo Medeiros) Men’s Light-Heavyweight – 88-98 kg: 1. Eliot Marshall (Amal Easton Black Belt, 9-Time GQ Champion) 2. Misha Cirkunov (Canada Rep./Grapplers Quest) 3. Kurt Osiander (Ralph Gracie) 4. Jimmy Sanchez (Dean Lister) 5. Team Renzo Gracie Representative 6. Nick Stephan (Rodrigo Medeiros) 7. Tom Montes 8. Dan Haney (Team Balance) 9. Asa Fuller (Cleber Luciano) Men’s Superweight – 99 kg+: 1. Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson (Team Grapplers Quest) 2. Dustin Ware (Team Jorge Gurgel/Arnolds Champion) 3. Pat Stano (MFC veteran, 8-Time Grapplers Quest Advanced Champ) 4. Jay White (Team Quest) 5. Daymon J Smith (Tim Burrell) 6. Team Renzo Gracie representative 7. ADCC Mid-West Qualifier (Indianapolis tournament) 8. Don Richard (Team Caique BJJ) 9. Brandon Ruiz (Sheldon Marr) 10. Peter Nolan (Team Mark Bocek/Canada) 11. Mario Rinaldi (BodogFight) 12. Dylan Dearborn (Rodrigo Medeiros)Women’s Flyweight: under 55 Kg (121 lbs.) and Under: 1. Felicia Oh (Jean Jacques Machado/10th Planet) 2. Michele Mills ( Jackson ?s Gaidojitsu) 3. Yael Young (Canadian Rep) 4. Nyjah Easton (Team Lloyd Irvin) 5. Aimee Turton (Team Grapplers Quest) Women’s Lightweight: 55 KG to 60 KG (121 lbs to 132 lbs): 1. Kathleen Rozzi (Saulo Ribeiro) 2. Amanda Buckner (MFC/BodogFight Fighter) 3. Marie Colangelo (Arnold’s Finalist, MMA Fighter) 4. Amy Moses (Team Lloyd Irvin) 5. Crystina Coats (Dean Lister Fight Team 6. Angela Wilson (Canadian Representative)7. Jennifer Newton (Machado/Blitz Center) 8. Cassandra Rivers-Blaso (Luiz Claudio Competition Team) Women’s Middleweight: 60 Kg to 67 Kg (132 lbs to 147.4 lbs.): 1. Debi Purcell ( 2. Emily Kwok (Team Renzo/Almeida) 3. Jeanette Portocarrero (Jean Jacques Machado) – 147 lbs. 4. Sheila Bird (Roy Harris) 5. SHANYA BAZLER 6. Kelly Paul (Ralph Gracie) Women’s Heavyweight: 67 Kg and over (over 147 lbs): 1. Caryn May (#1 RATED Heavyweight Female in 2. Olga Bakalopoulos ( Canada ) 3. Celita Schultz (Performance/RGDA – Olympic Judoka, 2-Time GQ champ) 4. Katrina A. Weilbacher (Paragon BJJ, GQ-West Advanced Champ) 5. Lana Stefanic (Relson Gracie/ Robin Gieseler)

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