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Mike Whitehead is currently preparing for the IFL show on November 2nd for a superfight against Mark Kerr. Kerr is a former UFC Champion and Abu Dhabi Superfight Champion as well as Pride vet but hasn?t fought since February ?04, one fight since ?01, and is on a three-loss streak. Whitehead on the other hand is a Abu Dhabi Submission Fighting Worlds trials winner mostly known for his two losses in UFC but is on a five-win streak since then and is coming off a very impressive win in Combat Fighting Championships last month. A gallery of photos from Mike?s CFC fight are posted at This was not the same Mike Whitehead that appeared in UFC, it was a renewed or even reborn fighter. On that show it was announced the winner of the two Heavyweight ?elimination fights? would face off for the inaugural Heavyweight belt on December 2nd. Whitehead was one of the victors, Tom Sauer the other. This CFC show would be right at the thirty day mark from the IFL show, the time barrier a minimal medical suspension if incurred would likely last and under the usual minimum fighters need to prepare. Although Mike couldn?t be reached directly his manager Monte Cox clarified Mike is concentrating on the IFL show and is in negotiation to return to CFC in December. Mike has not signed to fight in CFC at this time and fans will have to wait until IFL and see how that fight goes.Fans who think this upcoming IFL fight will be Kerr during his UFC or even Pride days against Whitehead as he was in the UFC are likely to be surprised. The other superfight that night is Allan Goes vs. Daniel Gracie. The team pairings are the Anacondas vs. the Wolfpack and the Silverbacks vs. the Dragons.

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