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Although you may not have seen his fight with Crafton Wallace at UFC?s Fight Night six, Martin Kampmann impressed as he was able to finish Wallace with a rear naked choke. With a bright future ahead of him, Kampmann knows once he pays his dues, the under card will be a thing of the past. Here is what Kampmann told ADCC News. ADCC: Martin you recently defeated Crafton Wallace on August 17, 2006 , at UFC?s Fight Night. How comfortable were you fighting for the first time in the Octagon and were you nervous at all? MARTIN: I can always get a little bit nervous just before the fight, but once you’re in the cage it stops. Overall I felt good. It was cool. ADCC: Although you tapped Wallace out just 2:59 into the first round, the fight was not shown on television. Did that bother you and are you worried about not getting the exposure? MARTIN: Well it was an under card fight so I couldn’t really expect it to be televised. I’ll work my way up and hopefully make the main card soon. ADCC: Since the fight wasn?t televised, can you give us a little summary of the fight in your own eyes? MARTIN: He came out strong trying to get me with the high kick, but didn’t really set it up so it wasn’t hard to block. I think I hit him with some good shots and then I caught his kick and took him down. I worked a little on the ground and then I got the back and the choke for the tap out. It felt real good, I’m happy about the win. ADCC: You won by rear naked choke, the third time in four fights you won by submission. Was that the game plan all along to take this fight to the ground? MARTIN: I knew he wasn’t that strong on the ground, so when he gave me the opportunity, I took it. I think I could beat him in the stand up game too, but when a guy has a weak point, I’ll go for that. ADCC: What is next for you? MARTIN: I’ll be fighting in the UFC again, only I don’t know when yet, we’re working something out, hopefully soon! ADCC: Will you stay at the middleweight division or do you see yourself moving up or down a weight class? MARTIN: For the moment I’ll stay at middleweight, but I’ve considered moving down too. I could be real strong at 170 (pounds) I think, but that division is real stacked and I’d prefer to pack on some more muscle and stay at where I am now. But I might move down later. ADCC: Is there any fighter that you see now that you would like to fight and think that you match up well against? MARTIN: I think I match up well against a lot of fighters, I don’t really have any urge to fight someone particular, only I want to work my way up and keep winning! ADCC: You fought for an organization like the new WFA and the UFC. Compare the two organizations and how they treated you thus far. MARTIN: So far I’ve been treated real nice both times I’ve been fighting in the US . I’m looking forward to coming back. ADCC: Did you give yourself a break after the UFC fight or are you right back to training? MARTIN: I took a small break, went back home and relaxed a little. I had two replacement fights right on top of each other this summer so I needed a little time to chill afterwards. But I’m back training again, I never lay off long. ADCC: Thanks again for your time Martin and do you have anything to say to your fans and sponsors? MARTIN: Big thanks to everybody who’s been supporting me, KFT, xyience training center, shootersmma, sublimsport, sprawl, punishment and thanks to all the fans who’s been cheering for me.

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