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Forrest Petz outclassed Sam Morgan at UFC?s Fight Night in August with a unanimous decision victory after putting Morgan down numerous times. He is all about fighting and it doesn?t matter who, but one thing for sure is that it will be in the UFC. Here is what Petz told ADCC in a quick interview. ADCC: Forrest congratulations on winning your UFC debut against Sam Morgan. From all accounts you pretty much dominated the fight. Were you surprised at how you were able to enforce your game plan on him? FORREST: He’s very tough but styles make fights and I knew I matched up good with him. I was pretty confident I would be able to enforce my game plan. ADCC: The fight was not televised so can you give us a synopsis of the fight in your own eyes? FORREST: Um, pretty much I knocked him down and let him up throughout the fight. I got a couple takedowns too. ADCC: Do you think the fight should have been stopped earlier? FORREST: There was one knockdown where I backed off because I thought for sure the ref was going stop it but he didn?t. I think I let him off the hook a couple times when I didn?t jump on him right away when I put him down. It?s something I?ll work on in the future. Herb Dean knows what he’s doing. If the fight needed to be stopped he would?ve done it. ADCC: Do you have another fight lined up with the UFC or will you be fighting somewhere else? FORREST: I have two more fights with UFC, but nothing lined up yet. ADCC: I have to ask you about a fighter that you have beaten previously by unanimous decision by the name of Dan Hardy. He has gone on a popular internet forum and proclaimed that ?you?re on borrowed time, and you have my belts.? He also thinks you were given a ?hometown? decision. What is your response to that? FORREST: Poor sportsmanship is all I can say about that. ADCC: He seems to want a rematch. Do you want to give him a rematch and do you think there is any chance it will happen? FORREST: I don?t set the fights up. The promoters do that and I generally don?t turn down fights. If they make it happen and the money is right we will fight again. ADCC: The UFC has a stacked 170-pound division. Name a few that you would like to fight. FORREST: Whoever they put in front of me I fight. ADCC: Thanks for the time Forrest and do you have anything to say to your fans or sponsors? FORREST: Thanks to and who have supported me for a long time. I also thank Tapout and American Fighter. I have the best team in Ohio to work with at the StrongStyle gym. My coach Marcus Marinelli has been with me from the beginning and I wouldn?t have anyone else.

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