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GHK’s Combat in the Cage ‘Beginnings’ – Battle at the Pier Amateur Results

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In a sport where it is rather easy to become a professional fighter, mixed-martial-arts need more organizations and promotions dedicated to the amateurs. Not only do they help with fighter safety, amateur shows also give a sense of reality for those competitors who think they have a chance in combative sports. On Saturday, August 19, 2006 , GHK Promotions along with on-scene promoter, Ed Hsu presented the Combat in the Cage ?Beginnings? series entitled ? Battle at the Pier? live from the Music Pier in Ocean City , New Jersey . In front of a sold out venue that holds 600 to 800 spectators, 40 amateurs in 20 fights sweated it out to test their own limits and warrior spirit. Here are the full results. COMPLETE RESULTS:- Greg Galperine def. Tinh Tupy ? 3rd rd. unanimous decision – Chris Dietzel def. Richard Collazo ? RNC 1:57 Rd.1 – David Thies def. Jorge Vasquez ? 3rd rd. Split decision – Matt McManmon def. Phil Ferraro ? 3rd rd. unanimous decision – Al Iaquinta def. Karl Eiker ? 3rd rd. unanimous decision – Derek Hopkins def. Jeffrey Takotey ? KO :58 Rd. 1- Chang-Ho-Chung def. Carl D’Alessandro ? 3rd rd. unanimous decision – Jason Hagan def. John Thornton ? Guillotine Choke 1:13 Rd. 1 – Aaron Salisbury def. Robert Peach ? RNC 2:11 Rd. 2 – Greg Soto def. Kevin Burke ? Armbar :47 Rd. 1- Aaron Miesner def. Jabari Gray ? TKO 1:30 Rd. 2- Rick Royce def. Jeff Battersby 3rd rd. decision – Ryan Broderick def. Charles Horner ? verbal submission 1:43 Rd. 2- Sergio Vignari def. Brett Linebarger ? KO :40 Rd. 1- Tony Moelius def. Frank Caratenuto ? Armbar 2:36 Rd. 1- Michael Oettinger def. Donald Argoe – RNC 1:18 Rd. 1- Massimo Barella def. Jesse Lehman ? RNC 1:57 Rd. 1 – Rhys Hora def. Michael Dicarlo ? RNC 1:12 Rd. 2 – Dave Santos def. Desmond Walker ? Kimura 1:58 Rd. 2 – Chris Reitz def. Michael Groves ? Guillotine choke 1:36 Rd. 1

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