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I received with great surprise and sadness the news of the passing of one of my most accomplished and beloved students, Black Belt Brad Rehor. Brad was in Brazil to defend a title he had won several times before, the World Championship at the 2006 Master’s BJJ World’s. Despite all the medals he conquered in several BJJ Pan Ams, National and State Judo tournaments, and Wrestling, Brad still had the hunger for more. And he was on course to make his dream come true. His goal was to win the World’s for 10 years in a row.Unfortunately his journey was cut short, after suffering a heart attack a day prior to last weekend’s competition, which eventually proved fatal two days later. It is hard to imagine what his family is going through right now. My family can only wish his wife, children, brothers and parents our deepest condolences.Brad was on my corner at the 2000 World’s Masters BJJ Championships, which I won in two divisions and seven matches. He was there for the entire time, lending me all the support I needed till it was over. I still hold dear those memories, and keep a picture of Brad and I at the stadium with my two medals hanging around the neck. All the students from our academy, my entire family who also knew Brad, cannot say enough how much he is missed.Brad will rest in peace at his family grounds, in Iowa. A memorial will take place in Dallas, Texas, at a date to be announced soon.Brad, stay in peace, and thanks for blessing our lives with your friendship. Your dedication to the martial arts is a legacy that we will strive to maintain alive.Farewell for now, from an instructor who could never be more proud than having you as a student. Carlos Machado

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