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Dan Severn – ‘The Difference Between Winning and Losing’

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Our MMA Camp is coming up quick. We are only 4 weeks away and there are plenty of positions available. This last month is when they fill up very quickly, so if you want to participate, please get your deposit in ASAP. Once again, this is a 3-day weekend (over labor day weekend) on Friday, Saturday & Sunday that will be focusing on MMA training. Lodging and all meals are included in the total price of $295. Go to for testimonials and how to sign up.Also, we have received so many compliments on the ?MMA Seminar? DVD that I have decided to leave it as free shipping for the remainder of the month. For details on this training DVD go to The cost is only $29.95?which is a steal considering all of the drills presented.?The Difference Between Winning and Losing?The difference between winning and losing other then the obvious is usually five more seconds. I know that sounds a little blunt, but let me explain in further detail. When two athlete?s are locking horns for example in an amateur wrestling match or an MMA match there comes a point in the match where one athlete will fold before the other. This is a mental folding based on your physical toll. As a match commences both athlete?s are at maximum ability. As the match wears on, a physical toll starts taking place on both competitors. In their mind they start questioning many things such as their stand up ability, their grapping ability, their cardiovascular preparation, basically their overall ability. In my poem, ?The Match Promise,? I have a couple lines that address this point of a match:I?ve worked too hard to settle for less,In the heat of battle, I can handle the stress.My muscles may ache from the strain,With my mind set, I will get through the pain.I may tire and weaken, my body may begin to cramp,But I will not stop, I want to be champ.This is that point of the match that is known as the breaking point. Each athlete will one day be forced to experience this and it?s what you do at thatpoint that will make the difference between winning and losing. Usually, it is just the ability to go just five more seconds beyond the breaking point thatwill make the difference, but also know what your doing in that credential time as well.There are techniques that I teach in my seminars and in my ?Evolution of a Champion? Series that are referred to as parasital techniques. These techniques or positioning drills will put you in the best place to be so that you are taking the least amount of physical toll, as well as, mental toll upon whoever you are competing against. For more information on my ?Evolution of a champion? Series go to Also, I will be throwing a free Signed ?Match Promise? for every sale made this week August 7th ? August 13th. All the best, from the Beast?Dan Severn

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