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WhoopAss.TV launches pilot of a revolutionary new radio show!From the people who bring you the UG, Island Martial Arts, and comes a new generation of MMA radio. No more poor-quality, lowbrow, home-produced radio. WhoopAss Radio is a professional, studio-produced show, created by radio guys who got into MMA, not MMA guys who have a telephone, a dream, and an actual tape recorder. MMA radio will never be the same as WhoopAss Radio leads the revolution with a top quality product. WhoopAss Radio will begin with a series of pilots to gauge user interest and garner sponsor support. These pilots will to determine the feasibility of a weekly or daily MMA radio show that can survive in the real radio market, either terrestrial or satellite, or both.We’ve pulled out all stops to make the product top notch – something that people will HAVE to listen to. The pilot will focus on the upcoming WFA: King of the Streets event, and will feature interviews with WFA fighters Matt ‘The Law’ Lindland and Bas ‘El Guapo’ Rutten. And to add color commentary, the veteran voice of the octagon Bruce Buffer will be joining the show with his unique fight analysis.On top of interviews the show will feature contests & giveaways, call-ins from our listeners, news, notes, and rumors in the fight world, in short, everything that makes great radio!WhoopAss Radio host: Hosting the program is Luke Thomas, a Lloyd Irvin student based out of Washington, D.C. In addition to doing both political and sports talk radio, he has written about Middle Eastern political issues for a non-profit advocacy group in New York City, interned at The Onion, and achieved the rank of Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. Luke graduated from The College of William & Mary with a double major of Philosophy and GovernmentWhoopAss Radio on MySpace: Romoshop Contest: $600 in giveawaysWhoopAss Radio feedback: [email protected]FREE download WhoopAss Radio in WMA format: download WhoopAss Radio in MP3 format:

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