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Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . Everyone is getting ready for the 2006 Worlds

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July is upon us and that means the ’06 Worlds is just around the corner. The event is actually just 3 weeks away and all fighters are getting ready for the big event.News from Brazil, especially Rio is that hordes of foreign BJJ’ers are already in the City training at the top academies in preparation for the Worlds. Additionally, most of the top teams are in full competition training mode, for example, Brasa Team is going to spend one week in the resort town of Pocos de Caldas, training 3 times a day. As Leo Vieira states: ‘All we are going to do is eat, train and sleep. This camp is for the Competition team only so the training is going to be hard!’Newly formed ASLE/BEHRING Team hopes to debut with full strength (except for ‘Jacare’). Professors Sylvio Behring and Henrique Machado are pulling all the stops for this event. Also this year rumors abound about the return of Powerhouse Nove Uniao fighters to the Worlds. Nova, one of the Worlds strongest teams, especially in the lighter weight classes, has been absent the last few years and their return would certainly strenghten the already super-strong event. One of its top fighters, Bruno Bastos, is returning from Croacia where he was a training partner for Mirko ‘Cro-Cop’ and immediately hitting the mats to prepare for the event. Other inside information has that many top fighters are planning to jump weight. While confidentially prevents me to reveal some of the names that I know, however ‘Tatame’ web site reveals that Marcelo Garcia is considering competing in the medium-heavy division> IF that occurs it will make the medium-heavy one of the toughest weight divisions in the event because of the presence of Garcia along with top contenders Demian Maia & Braulio Estima.Look for more updates on the Worlds in the next few days as the event nears. Only a few spots left in the International MMA Camp in SwedenIf you want to get your spot on International MMA Camp BJJ 3-6 of August in Sweden, hurry up to sign up… There is only room for 8 more students!!! The Camp will have top instructor like Leo Vieira, Ricardo Vieira, Peter Blackwell & Leo ‘Negao’For more info and to secure your spot go to: Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

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