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Minotauro Brothers bet on Belfort

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After spending the last week training with Vitor Belfort for his upcoming fight against Alistair Overeem in Strike Force, scheduled to take place next Friday Jume 9th in San Jose, California’s HP Pavilion, Rog?rio Minotouro and Rodrigo Minotauro are very confident that Belfort will win. ‘He is in amazing shape! In our last day of training he did 14 rounds of 5 minutes, I’ve never seen anything like that’, told us Rogerio Minotouro, who was supported by Rodrigo: ‘The only way I see him losing is by being unlucky. He is in execellent shape and I truly believe he will win this rematch’ guaranteed Minotauro. Right after Belfort left Belo Horizonte (where he lives now) for the USA on Monday, Rog?rio and Rodrigo returned to Rio de Janeiro and restarted their training routine for the next Pride. ‘It’s almost 90% sure that I’ll fight on July 1, they just need to choose an opponent. I’m getting mad because I’m one year away from Pride. I need to fight’, said Rog?rio. Rodrigo is also anxious, waiting for his next opponent in the Open Weight Grand Prix, to be announced by Pride.

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