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‘Anyone who beats Jiu-Jitsu I?m ready to face’

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Just like the rst of the Jiu-Jitsu comunity in Brazil, Paulo Filho got really upset about Royce?s lost to american wrestler Matt Hughes. ‘Royce is a living legend of Vale-Tudo. Everybody who fights today has to admire him. There can be fighters as brave as him, but never braver than him’, said Filho packing his bags to go to Japan tuesday to fight the first phase of Pride Bushido tournament. Filho saw the fight in the internet site and comented Hughes perfect combat for us. ‘Royce is an amazing and very technical fighter but He was out of the octagon for a long time, while Hughes has been fighting quite often. He was always one movement ahead of Royce and did a perfect fight. I got also impressed that Matt fought Jiu-Jitsu against Royce. Pass the guard, mounted, got the back and aplyed an armlock (americana) that I don?t know Royce could escape’, said a impressed Filho pointing Hughes as current no1 in the world in 76kg. Asked about the possibilitty of Matt Hughes in 83kg category in a tournament like Pride Bushido, Filho said: ‘I have no doubt that Hughes has great possibilities against anyone in this tournament, but it wouldn?t be so easy like in 76kg category because He would have to face me to get the title’, challenged Filho, who guaranteed it would have been a great pleasure for him to defend Jiu-Jitsu. ‘Anyone who beat a Jiu-Jitsu representative I?m ready to face. I respect Hughes a lot and it would be a pleasure for me to face him and avenge Royce’, said Filho.

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