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Judo News: Brazil 5 x 0 Japan in beach-soccer?

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Usually in the Judo world, the exchanging of techniques between countries which compete against each other is common. This is when a country visits another one’s domain and train frankly, without hidden techniques or secrets. Since early May, the Japanese team arrived in Brazil for a series of trainings in Parana, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. Besides the usual trainings, the event’s challenge was held last week and Brazil battled with its A & B national teams against the Japanese team. The final result for Brazil was 4-3 between the ‘A’ teams and 3-1 to Japan in the ‘B’ teams. It would probably be enough for both countries to test their skills in the trainings and event challenges. However, an uncommon request was asked by the Japanese delegation. They wanted to play beach soccer against the Brazilian judokas.One of the main Japanese judokas, Keiji Suzuki, stated a simple reason: ‘Brazilian soccer players have a lot of ability. Maybe by playing with the Brazilians, we can reach the same technique in our judo game.’The idea was not a unanimous one amongst the Brazilians. Flavio Canto said, ‘I am terrible in soccer. However, in Judo I am very competitive. I hope the Japanese judokas keep this way of thinking for their soccer strategy and forget a little of the Judo, where they are really tough! (laughs)’Even in the beach soccer match, the Brazilian squad did not have main names like own Canto, Mario Sabino, Carlos Honorato, and Tiago Camilo. However, the world champion Joao Derly was on the field and he was the main goal scorer of the game. The final score was Brazil 5, Japan 0, and we do not know if the Japanese judokas have the same way of thinking about the relationship between Brazilian soccer and judo.

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