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Absolute Submission Challenge in Alberta, Canada This Weekend!

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Date: May 13th, 2006Location: BDB Martial ArtsBay 1, 3300-14 Ave NE, Calgary, Alberta( Brian Bird (403) 220-1426Time: Weigh-ins from 10-11am with matches starting shortly after.Cost: $20.00 Spectators Welcome How the point system will work is each fight will be scored as either a draw or a win by submission. Either you submit your opponent, you get submitted, or the fight goes to a draw. There will be no points given out during the match. You will receive 3 points for a win by submission, 1 point for a draw, and 0 for a loss. The competitors will fight every other fighter in their weight class once. Your total points for the day will then be added together. This number will be divided by the number of fights that you had that day, and the resulting number will be your day’s average score. The season’s champion will be the competitor whose 4 best daily average scores add up to the highest number over the total season. Participation in all events is not mandatory, but your best opportunity to be a season’s champion is to compete as often as possible (in your weight class) so that you have the best chance to gain the most points. Rules: This tournament will only be open to all competitors. It will be a No-Gi tournament. The cost to enter will be $20.00 (Cash Only Please!) Once the fights start there are no refunds. Matches start from standing. Fighters who move onto or outside the border when standing can (at the discretion of the referee) be restarted in the centre of the mat. If fighters move outside the area while on the ground (both fighters have at least one knee down) then the action is frozen and they are moved back to the centre of the mat in their current position. Deliberately or repeatedly moving outside the area will be considered as stalling and penalized accordingly. Ways to win: Submission (physical and verbal), Referees Stoppage (medical or rule infringement), Corner stops fight. Time limit: 1 x 5min round per bout Fouls: No: striking, biting, fish hooking, gouging (including chin in eye socket, thumb in armpit or between ribs etc), hair pulling, heel hooks (or other locks designed to apply twisting pressure to the knee), small joint manipulations (fingers, thumbs and toes), point of elbow pressure on head or throat, web of thumb pressure on throat, deliberately throwing or slamming an opponent onto their head, deliberately or repeatedly moving outside the designated mat area, stalling or refusing to engage with an opponent. Committing 3 fouls in a match results in an automatic disqualification. However, the referee has discretion to disqualify immediately after a serious, dangerous or deliberate foul. Referees: The referee can stop or restart a match at any time if he considers it necessary for safety reasons. The referee’s decision is final and non-negotiable. Scoring system: Fighters fight in a round robin within their division. They will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw (i.e. no decision or stoppage by end of time), 0 for a loss. At the end of the round robin the fighters with the highest scores receive 1st, and 2nd.Weight categories: For Men :Featherweight 140 LBS & UnderLightweight 140.1 LBS – 155LBSWelterweight 155.1 LBS – 170 LBSMiddleweight 170.1 LBS – 185 LBSLight Heavyweight 185.1 LBS – 205 LBSHeavyweight 205.1 LBS & Over For Women:140 LBS & Under140.1 LBS & Over ATTN: Women may choose to fight in the Male division.

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