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Jungle Fight VI releases card and promises a real great show

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Lyoto Machida is confirmed against Dimitri Wanderlei and Antony Rea is outby Marcelo AlonsoBJJ fighter Dimitri Wanderley (Rany Yahyra teammate) has been announced as Lyoto Machida opponent at the sixth edition of Jungle Fight, which takes place on April 29, at Tropical Hotel, in Manaus (AM). The match closes the official card, which includes nine other bouts under MMA rules. Absent in the card is Antony Rea, his opponent Diego Clemente got injured during training and will not be able to fight. As soon Dimitri received the confirmation, he celebrated: ‘It will be an honor to fight Lyoto. I thank the opportunity Wallid is giving me and I’ll not the down the audience,’ promises fighter from Brasilia, who did his last fight at Storm Bras?lia in last year, when defeated Cl?udio Godoy (BTT).Pride veteran Jos? Pel? Landi is one of the real pearls of JF 6. Representing the old school of Vale-Tudo, he is ready to fight Nova Uni?o black belt Thales Leiles, who has surprised the world with great performances at Rumble on the Rock and MARS. After fighting in several MMA shows in Europe, Katel Kubis (Nogushi Team) returns to Brazil to fight 2005′ sensation Peruvian Tony Mendigo, who has fought at Pride and Meca. Other awaited match is between Edson Draggo and BJJ black belt M?rcio Corleta. At last Jungle Fight 5, Draggo gave no chances to Chuteboxer H?lio Dipp and broke his jaw with a punch sequence. Now it’s time to Corleta shows his value inside the ring. With the official announcement, event’s promoter Wallid Ismail has done what he had promised: matched the toughest and balanced combination of fighters in Jungle Fight’ history. ‘It was my primarily goal. I want to feature a show to the world. We gonna have fighters who fought in Japan, in United States and in Europe. It will be a mix of potential new talents and known amazing fighters. It will be a war! Everybody knows Jungle calls attention to itself and everybody will set inside the ring ready to kill or die! Who wins is the audience? the one who show up at Tropical Hotel, or sign Pay-per-view at Premiere and watch it live,’ adds Wallid.The athletes’ arrival in Manaus is schedule to next Thursday, with specialized press. Check out below the complete card:COMPLETE CARD (subject to change): Jungle Fight 6Saturday, April 29, 2006Hotel Tropical, Manaus (AM)- Davina Maciel vs. Kanako Inaba;- Fr?dson Paix?o vs. Marco Loro;- Ronaldo Jacar? vs. Alexsander Shamelenko;- Thalles Leites vs. Jos? Pel? Landi;- Tony de Souza vs. Katel Kubis;- Lyoto Machida vs. Dimitri Wanderlei;- Shinzo Machida vs. Bryan Rafiq;- Alexandre Cacareco vs. V?tor Viana;- Danilo ?ndio vs. Froid Hansen;- M?rcio Corleta vs. Edson Drago

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