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Text and photos by Marcelo Alonso After receiving a beautiful homage from both Gracie and Tatame magazine, the two biggest MMA publication in Brazil, both magazines dedicated their cover and more than 30 pages to summarize Carlson Gracie‘s life – it now looks like the great master is close to earning official homage from a local politician. The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, C?sar Maia, has given a pre-autorization to exchange the name of Silva Castro street – where Carlson Gracie academy is located since the 70’s – to Carlson Gracie street. The informations was given by Mauricio ‘Saddam’, black belt from Carlson, who is working now to get the authorization on half of the people who live on that street, as requested by the mayor. ‘ We are working hard to collect signatures from all residents of Silva Castro street. Carlson was very popular here, I don?t think it?s going to be a problem’, believes Mauricio. Saddam is also working, together with Paquet? (Carlson?s best friend) and other students , to put a statue of the master in front of the building where Carlson Academy still operates. ‘Carlson is the one who made Jiu-Jitsu popular all over Brazil, in this place he formed all his champions, he really deserves this homage’ claims Paqueta.

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