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UFC rising star Brandon ‘the Truth’ Vera talks about the past, future, and present in this brief chat with ADCC News.ADCC: I have to ask, a lot of fans are wondering what ethnicity you are, can you enlighten them? BRANDON: I’m Tisoy, half Filipino/Italian ADCC: Brandon, tell us how you got involved in mixed martial arts (MMA) and how you got your nickname, ‘the Truth?’BRANDON: I got involved with MMA after watching Randy Couture on television and said ‘hey I can do that.’ My nickname the Truth, it’s kind of the path I’ve taken. BJJ, muy thai, wrestling, boxing, etc. I’ve taken each one and made them my own. Except boxing, I’m still working with that one. Also, if you ask me a question I’m going tell you what I think straight up.ADCC: What fighters do you look up to? BRANDON: Randy Couture, Buakaw Por. Puramuk, and Remy Bonjaski ADCC: You are fortunate enough to have two great trainers in Lloyd Irvin with jiu-jitsu, and Rob Kaman with muy thai. Do you think with those kind of instructors, you are close to being a complete fighter? BRANDON: One word, Yes.ADCC: Before the second season of Ultimate Fighter started, your name was being mentioned as a participant. Were you ever asked to be a part of that show and if so why didn’t you participate? BRANDON: Yes they asked my to become a participant on the show, but, I didn’t like something with the contract.ADCC: Let’s talk about your two UFC fights. You looked so much more comfortable in your bout with Justin Eilers than you did in your UFC debut bout with Fabiano Scherner. What was the difference? BRANDON: My fight with Scherner, I had the 1st time UFC jitters so bad. I couldn’t move my legs. No training ever could get you ready for your first fight in the big show. No amount of tournaments, matches, bouts, nothing. You finally made it. It’s a traumatic experience. ADCC: Justin is such a heavy hitter, where it seemed his weakness could have been his ground game, instead, you stood up with him and knocked him out cold. Was that the game plan? BRADON: Hell no that wasn’t the game plan! Stand with him until he hits me so hard my ears ring, take him to the ground, ground and pound him or submit him. ADCC: Looking back after your fight with Scherner, you said you wanted to win the UFC heavyweight title and drop down to win the light-heavyweight championship belt. Is that still a goal and did you get any heat from any of the fighters backstage, being so confident after a debut? BRANDON: I’ve always thought that ever since Randy won the heavyweight belt, lost it then went down and took the light heavyweight belt. I just want to hold them together at the same time even if the UFC makes me give one up. ADCC: With the UFC’s heavyweight division lacking, it seems like the UFC would love to have you stay at heavyweight for a while. How many more fights do you need before you take a shot at the heavyweight title, or are you ready now? BRANDON: Nah, not ready right this minute, about 1 more year, three or four fights. ADCC: Finish this scenario. You win the UFC Heavyweight title, do you defend it, or drop right down and take on Chuck Liddell or who ever the UFC Light- heavyweight champion at that time is? BRANDON: Drop down and take it from whoever is holding it at the time. ADCC: If you could fight one heavyweight and one light-heavyweight fighter in the world, regardless of organization, who would it be and why? BRANDON: Fedor, just to see what would happen and Wanderlie Silva because he

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