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Bustamante back from one month vacation in Hawaii

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by Marcelo Alonso / Team TatameAfter losing to Dan Henderson in the final of Pride Bushido welterweight GP, Murilo Bustamante decided to give himself a longtime vacation to surf in Hawaii. ‘This was my 7o time in Hawaii, but the first one that I could stay one month’, tells the BTT fighter who finally got the oportunity to know Maui and Kauai once He just knew Oahu. ‘Definetely Hawaii is a paradise!’, celebrates Murilo. When the subject is big waves however, the man who faced the giant Tom Erikson (45kg heavywer) in a 40 minutes fight, is very responsable. ‘I love to surf but I?m aware of my limits’, says the surfighter celebrating the biggest wave of his life, a 12 feet wave in in sunset. Thank?s to his vacation time Bustamante gained some weight. ‘Life was hard in Hawaii sleep, eat, surf, sleep again and eat. My cardio is excelente but I gained 5 kg’ tells the black belt who, decided to forget about Carnival time in Rio, returning to his MMA training routine. ‘I got a proposal to fight in april but nothing is sure yet’, reveals Bustamante.Asked about his desire to fight Dan Henderson for the third time, Bustamante does not exitate. ‘For sure I would like to face him again. I was not happy with the result, but I?m not upset either, because this time I fought well and Henderson was a warrior, making the decision really tough for the judges’, finishes Bustamante.

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