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USA vs Brazil is feature of ‘Titans’ event in NYC

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE USA vs. Brazil is feature of ‘Titans’ event in NYC on March 11, 2006 New York, NY – Dirceu dos Santos of Sao Paulo, Brazil resisted the temptations of Carnival and has arrived today in New York to make final preparations for his challenge for the USKBA world San Da title on Satuday, March 11 at the PAL Duncan Center on 52nd street in Manhattan. Santos is a five time Sao Paulo state champion, the current Brazilian national champion and won a silver medal in the San Da World Cup in Macau. As impressive as those credentials read, he’s facing Brad Burrick of Michigan and that’s quite a challenge. Brad not only currently holds the USKBA world title, he has also already beaten the IWUF World San Da champion from Russia, the man who beat Santos at the world cup. Another championship fight of the night will see two men who may have fallen once to ‘Bad’ Brad Burrick but have not given up on their dream of a world title. In a battle for redemption, and probably another shot at the world title, Feliz Mejia and Richie Council will face off for the vacant USKBA East Coast. Probably sitting near by will be Stephane Cloud, a rapidly rising star of the weight class. Cloud was originally scheduled to face Mejia but had to drop out due to an injury. Once healed, Cloud will be the wild card in what is arguably the most competitive division in US San Da right now. Among the ten other fights of the night will also be a match of local interest as two men face off in a tongue in cheek ‘grudge fight’. Damien Caldwell comes out of Master Parrella’s Kung Fu and is trained by Chan Tai San disciple Michael Parrella. TJ Papa comes out of Green Cloud Kung Fu and is trained by another Chan Tai San disciple, Gus Kaparos. It promises to be a good natured romp as two heavyweights fight for ‘bragging rights’ in the same tradition. Titans will be held at the PAL Duncan Center at 552 W 52nd Street on Saturday, March 11. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $20 for general and $35 for ringside. For tickets please call (212) 239 8619

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