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Roy Harris Seminar – Feb 4th & 5th in Calgary – Attacking for the Straight Armlock

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On February 4th &5 th we are bringing Roy Harris to Calgary to teach a two-day seminar on the Straight Arm Lock. Because of the support we had at the last seminar from our members and other Harris International Associate club members we are once again only going to offer this seminar exclusively to Harris Affiliated clubs.Location: BDB Martial ArtsTime: 10:00am ? 3:00pm for both days (there will be a lunch break in the middle)Cost: $ 75.00For More Information: Call 220-1426 or email [email protected]For those of you who have not been to a Roy Harris seminar before, let me tell you a few things about who Roy Harris is and what the seminars are like. BDB Martial Arts has been associated with Roy Harris for over 5 years. The techniques that our taught at our club and the curriculum for belt grading are a direct reflection of his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu system. The things that you learn at a Roy Harris seminar can be easily transferred into your BJJ arsenal of techniques that you use now. Roy Harris is sought out all over the world and he has numerous affiliate clubs. He is unlike any other BJJ high-level instructor because he is renown for his teaching and instructional abilities. He has a very systematic and scientific way of teaching and can answer any question you have with a practical solution. For these reasons we have had a great relationship with Roy Harris over the last 5 years and continue bring him to Calgary two times per year. When Roy Harris teaches a seminar he starts with the fundamental movements of the topic chosen and slowly progresses through the topic. This gives beginners, intermediate and advanced students the opportunity to learn the technique from the route and work your way upward. Everyone, no matter experience level will gain substantial amounts of knowledge from his seminars. For more information on Roy Harris go to www.royharris.comIf you plan on coming to the seminar don’t forget to bring a notebook and a pen. We will be reviewing the seminar techniques in our regular BJJ classes

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