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ADCC Open 2006 – South Florida hosts ADCC Submission Wrestling in February!

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ADCC Submission Wrestling Open 1February 11th, 2006Coral Springs Gymnasium, Coral Springs, FLADCC spokesperson Miguel Iturrate gives details about the upcoming event ‘In 2006 and leading up to 2007, the ADCC will have Amateur Grappling tournaments under the official ADCC Submission Wrestling format. This will be the first time that amateurs and grappling competitors can sign up to compete under our rules. The World Championships is by invitation only, but the ADCC Submission Wrestling Open formatwill bring the format for all competitors. The first event is now scheduled for Florida on February 11th. It is very exciting.”The event will be held in Coral Springs, Florida and this will be the first of a series of regional tournaments, before the North American Trials. The ADCC has at least 4 other tourneys planned, so that competitors all over the country will be able to compete under the OFFICIAL ADCC Submisssion Wrestling format. Below is the information about the weight categories and skill levels. We hope to see both women and men competing as well as kids. See you all there.’ concludes the spokesperson.For additional information, or to Register, please contact: [email protected] or [email protected]Details below:WEIGHT DIVISIONS: (6 Minute Matches / 12 Minutes in the Finals)MENS:under 65.9 KG66-76.9 KG77-87.9 KG88-98.9 KG99 KG and overWOMENS:60 KG and under60.02 KG and overVENUE:Coral Springs Gymnasium2501 Coral Springs Drive,Coral Springs FLPhone: 954-345-2200We have the venue from 8am til 8pm.FEES:School Sign Up: $250.00 (thru the 2007 Wolrd Championships)Individual Grapplers: $40 / $45 Day of the Show (If School Signed Up, Grapple For $20!!!)Skill Levels:0-2 years of expirience in any grappling discipline = Beginner2.1-3.6 years of experience in any grappling art = Intermediate3.7 – and up = AdvancedFor those that use a belt ranking system as in BJJ:white-blue = Beginnerblue-purple = Intermediatebrown + black = AdvancedThere will also be kids divisions, by age.

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