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Rumble at the Roseland 18 (FCFF)Saturday, Dec 17th, 2005OregonCOMPLETE RESULTS:Main Event Lightweight Championship:- Barry Holmes def. Brad Horner :06 or Rd. 1 KO’Bard Horner came out and threw a huge right hand. Barry slipped the punch, came over the top with a right or his own, and got the KO.’ Superfight:- Markee Morrisson def. Shawn Freeze 2:20 Rd 1 Medical Stoppage due to a cut.’This fast paced bout ended when Markee Morrission secured a neck tie and landed and solid knee to Shawn Freeze’s forehead.’ – James Davis def. Aaron La’Gere 1:06 Rnd 1 via Tapout- Chris Klier def. Aaron Gonzales 2:03 Rd. 1 Tapout Choke- Andy Lukesh def. Bobby Wilson 2:57 Rd. 1 Tapout Armbar- Elijah Fay def. Aaron Sutton 4:02 Rd. 2 Ref. Stoppage- Dylan Fussell def. Jeremiah Bitz 2:09 Rd. 1 Tapout due to strikes- Jeshua Temores def. Aaron Thomas 2:32 Rd. 2 Ref. Stoppage- Andy Eiccholz def. Kyle English 3:41 Rd. 1 Ref. Stoppage- Justin Bay def. Derek Bugge :19 Rd. 1 Ref. Stoppage- Daryl Cutler def. Fai Kester 1:02 Rd. 1 Tapout- Omar Satiago def. Clarence Barela 1:03 Rd. 1 Tapout Armbar- Armand Debruge def. Adam Lee :09 Rd. 1 Dislocated Shoulder – Medical ForfeitRath Cyrus def. Josh Hitsman :07 Rd. 2 KO

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