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Floripa Fight rocked Brazil’s South

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Text by Andre Araujo – Team TATAMEFloripa FightSaturday, November 26, 2005Carlos Alberto Campos, Florianapolis – SCHeld at Carlos Alberto Campos gymnasium last Saturday (26), Floripa Fight did a great local party in Florianapolis (Southern city of Brazil) with over 1.500 people in the audience. In spite of the Argentinean fighters, which did not attempt to the show, the organization of Brazilian Vale-Tudo worked fast and replaced the missed fighters.Australian Spartan FC Vale-Tudo vet Alessandro Custadio (Wado de la Riva) did a great job and gave no chances to fighter newcomer Polaco, who tapped out due to a tight arm-lock in early round one. Custadio’s teammates Diego Nunes, Carl

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