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text and photos by Marcelo AlonsoJungle Fight 5Hotel Tropical, Manaus – AmazonasSaturday, November 26, 2005Supported by Amazon governor Wallid Ismail produced the best edition of Jungle fight so far. Besides giving a five stars treatement for the fighters and crew in the fancy tropical hotel in Manaus, Ismail did a show full of emotions with only two of the nine bouts ending by referee’s decision.In the main event an out of shape, Pel? Landy, used all his experience to beat the russian Shlemenko in a polemichal decision. In the awaited fight between Chute Boxe and BTT, Alexandre Cacareco (BTT) guaranted his team ahead in the score (8×7) for the first time, defeating Julio Jamanta (Chute Boxe) easily with a guilhotine choke in less than one minute. But Chute Boxe also got an amazing win in the event with Evangelista Cyborg knocking out the tough Michel Materla.As everybody expected the awaited lightweight classic between Luciano Azevedo (RFT) and Jos? Aldo (Nova Uni?o) was the best fight of the event. Aldo dominated the first round but was surprised by Luciano in the second with a rear naked choke. Among the heavyweights, Edson Draggo (Minotauro Team) knocked out the undefeated Helio Dipp (Chute Boxe) but got the audience mad after hit a unconcios oponent in the ground more than 10 times. In the interval a moved Wallid made a beautifull homage – together with the senator black belt Arthur Virg?lio – to his master Carlson Gracie and cried, receiving a huge round of applause from the audience. COMPLETE RESULTS:- Beto Ninja submitted Sandro Reni by rear naked choke in R2;- Ivan Batman defeated F?bio Tigr?o by referee’s decision;- Luciano Azevedo submitted Jos? Aldo by rear naked choke (R2);- Miodrag Petkovitch submitted Alessandro Coelho by guillotine (R2);- Alexandre Cacareco submitted Julio Cesar Jamanta by guillotine (R1);- Edson Draggo defeated Helio Dipp by KO (R1);- Fredson Paix?o submitted Miljan Djursnovic by rear naked choke (R1);- Evangelista Cyborg defeated Michael Matrela by KO (R2);- Jos? Pel? Landy defeated Alexander Shlemenko by referee’s decision.


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