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COPA TIJUCA DE JIU JITSU 4, small doesn’t mean less important!

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November 5th at Monte Sinai Gymnasium – BRAZILFor the fourth consecutive year, the Copa Tijuca de Jiu Jitsu showed its power by attracting high level fighters to compete in this mid-level event. The fighters are delighted to compete in the Jiu-Jitsu tournaments and in the submissions matches. When the event first started in 2002, the idea of the Gracie Tijuca crew was not to pay high prize money to competitor nor was it to become an outstanding event, the idea was to insert novice fighters in blue, purple, and brown-belt competition matches that involved names that are not well-recognized but have a high-level game to show the fans.Around 250 fighters compete in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments where Japanese competitor Takuma Tokito overcam three fighters by points and captured the first place crown of brown-belt in the medio weight class. Tokito is a Purebred athlete who fought under Roletta JJ and did a good job.This year, the event organizers created a formula for the event by introducing two submission tournaments (under 75kg and over 75kg). The tournaments attracted several Jiu-Jitsu champions and a few MMA veterans.In the under 75kg weight class, submission expert Oscar Jr. (BTT) returned to competition after rehabilitating from several injuries in both of his knees. Oscar became a kind of Jiu-Jitsu hero when he schooled several Luta-Livre fighters in all submission events that he could work in 2002-2003 season. However, he has faced adversity in his fighting career since he did not adequately heal from his injuries. Even fighting at 60% of his capacity, he showed that he still has a lot of fighting left by submitting two adversaries (guillotine-choke) and overwhelming GBCT’s Eduardo Simoes in the finals by a 2-0 advantage.’Thank God the fighters were loyal and didn’t attack my knees. I’m still not in fighting condition, but I need the money because this is my job,’ stated Oscar.The over-75kg weight class tournament featured Nova Uniao’s Bruno Bastos as the big name. Bastos introduced a skilled game and had to use all of his experience to beat two BTT fighters in Mauro Jorge & Eduardo Rios, who was doing well in the tournament until his clash with Bastos. In the final, Bastos quickly won the fight in his favor by attacking Paulo Samoa’s arm with a perfect armbar that was pulling to the guard. Samoa had no alternative and tapped out quickly.’I had tried the armbar in all of my tournament fights, but I missed. I’m happy that I sunk it on for the final. I hope the photographers captured that moment, even if it was really fast!’ stated Bastos.The card also featured three Jiu-Jitsu single fights involving up-and-coming black-belts. And the most exciting fight of these three was the battle between the local rivals Meca FC 12’s veteran Anderson Silverio (PEJOR) and Rafael ‘Formiga’ Barbosa (BTT). Both went immediately to the ground and started a war of sweeps. Formiga was more competent and got to keep Silveiro under his control by 2 sweeps against 1 of Silverio. The fight walked to a 4-2 by sweeps in Formiga’s favor, when Silverio, who seemed to be a little gassed, he hesitated a move and Formiga grabbed his backs with the two hooks scoring 8-2. Formiga’s worked a lapel’s choke, but Silverio had the merit of resisting at it and the match was defined by points in Formiga’s favor.Other results:- Pedro Alves (Gracie Tijuca) over Daniel Stroul (Dela Riva) by 2-0 [double-leg]- Anugusto Mendes (Kyoto) over Rafael Rosenberg (Nova Uniao) by submission [lapel choke]Result by teams:1st- KYOTO2nd- Gracie Tijuca3rd- Brazilian Top Team

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