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2005 US Open San Da Championships FAQ

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We’ve received quite a few emails with a variety of questions and concerns. Here are the answers to many of those questions! 1. I looked at the ‘pre registered’ list and I don’t see many athletes/I don’t see any athletes? RELAX. We haven’t even reached the pre registration deadline. Many will take advantage of the pre registration deadline at the last minute. Still others will simply register late. Some will register the day of the event! We have done this event since 2003 and always see the same pattern. The best thing you can do is REGISTER NOW. Not only will you save money, you’ll encourage others to register as well 2. Why are the women put in an ‘open division’? Sadly, this sport still hasn’t attracted a lot of women. That means that if we offered two divisions, most likely one division, the A, would be EMPTY. I strongly recommend ANY woman interested to enter. There are only 4 active women in the country right now with more than 6 fights and we already know TWO will NOT be fighting. Don’t miss this opportunity. 3. How many days is this event? This is just a one day event, Saturday December 10. Everyone will fight all their fights on one day. Since this is a US Open and not a world championship, we do not expect a long day. 4. When do the fights start? When are do they end? When do I fight? Where and when are the weigh ins? ETC… Right now, we are working on these issues. Please be patient and follow the web page for this info 5. I am a coach/trainer and would like to help out/judge? Great! We love you! Really! If you are a coach or trainer and want to be an official send me an email to [email protected] Keep up to date at

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