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Murilo Ninja vs. Paulao Filho heats up!

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Those who were watching the Pride 30 broadcast around the world witnessed Murilo Ninja challenge Paulao Filho from Brazilian Top Team, right after he got out of the Saitama Super Arena’s ring. ‘I want you, Paulao! You are next!’, provoked Ninja after submitting Murad Chunkaiev. It is part of a war between the fighters that is going on in Brazil.The problem started during the Pride Middleweight GP final round, but now the rivalry increased amazingly and ADCC News talked to both fighters to try to figure out what is going on. ‘There is a rumor around that they want to match me against Ninja, and it would be great to fight him. I respect him as a fighter, he is tough and has faced good opponents, but outside the ring he has no personality. I’m dying to take on someone from Chute Boxe and I’ll have anyone, from Silva to Acacio,’ Paulo explained.Murilo Ninja strikes back: ‘If Paulo wants a piece of me, well, let’s go for it. I know he’s got a lot of ground skills, but I’m no kid either, and he is only undefeated in ten fights because he’s faced one tough guy, Amar Suloev. All the other ones were weak’ says Ninja, who continues: ‘It became a personal issue. He’s been talking too much, and if Pride puts me to face him I will train as hard as I ever have. The only way I don’t step out of the ring against him is if he knocks me out.’

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