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Rickson Gracie Presents – The Budo Challenge ? Update – Top Fighters applying for the Challenge

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Prepare, engage and conquer Engage ? Webster?s Dictionary defines engage as: to enter into contest with b : to bring together or interlock (weapons) The modern warrior engages in battle with the opponent with total commitment. Having completed his preparation to the best of his ability, he enters the fight with a clear mind and the knowledge that the end result is irrelevant, it is the battle and how he approaches the battle. The modern warrior does not engage into battle simply to win but rather to give it his best and to pursue excellence and achieve victory in the clearest and most undeniable way ? by having his opponent submit to him. The modern warrior wants to be the best and lives every day of his life giving everything to be the best and the fight is his proving grounds. Every action, every thought and every ounce of his energy used towards the objective and nothing will stand is his way. He wants to prove to others he is the best!Since the initial announcement the Budo Challenge committee has received and are still receiving numerous applications from extremely qualified Warriors from around the world to participate in this unique event. The Committee is still seeking applications from Martial Artists interested in testing their skills under this new and exciting set of rules. The Budo Challenge exults and rewards the modern warrior?s efforts with a new and unique set of rules have been formulated so that strategy, action, and submission attempts are rewarded while stalling and controlling your opponent with no purpose or intent is penalized. A single point is scored for achieving common grappling positions, while multiple points are awarded for submission attempts which cause the opponent to execute a technique to escape and present real danger. The goal of the Budo Challenge is to reward strategy, originality and action so the best warriors truly win. Below are the Budo Challenge rules: The following prize money will be awarded per weight division: 1st Place – $4,000; 2nd Place – $2,000; 3rd Place – $500 (two prizes) Additional monetary prizes will be awarded for best fight, best submission, and most technical fighter. All fighters will have their transportation and hotel costs covered (food not included). Budo Challenge Rules:Match Duration:- 3 x 3 minute round with one minute rest period- Extra 3 minute round in case of a tie at the end of regulationScoring:Positive Points:All count one point:- Throw with control on the ground for 3 seconds – Any reversal that is not a scramble- Sweeps- Passing the guard- Knee on the stomach- Mount- Taking the backAll count three points:- A submission attempt that presents significant danger to the opponent Negative Points:All count (-1)Standing:- Stalling or keeping the same grip without any offensive action for more than 15 secondsOn the ground:- Holding the same position for more than 20 seconds without any attack- Pulling guardAt all times:- Avoiding the fight- Running away from the fighting areaGains:Gains are counted by the side judges throughout the entire match and only come into play in the event of a tied match by points at the end of the extra round.Positive Gains:- Any action or attack that almost results in one point – Aggressiveness in pursuing a win by submissionNegative Gains:- Any action that almost results in a negative point- PassivityLegal Techniques- All throws, reversals and sweeps- All Submissions chokes, arm-locks, knee-locks, heel-hooks, wristlocks, biceps and calf-locks, foot-locksIllegal Techniques:- All neck-cranks and cervical holds- Slamming the opponent to escape a finishing holdDisqualifications:- Eyes gouges, grabbing the hair or the genitals- Any intentional strikes including but not limited to punching, kicking, kneeing etc- Using any illegal finishing holds- Twisting of fingers and toes- Running away from the fighting area when a submission is applied. In other words leaving the fighting area to escape a submission- Escaping the fighting area 3 times in one matchSubmission Action:- Tapping the mat or the opponent?s more than once – Verbal announcement such as ?stop?, in any of the competitors languages (to be reviewed during the rules meeting)Protective Gear:Legal:- Knee and elbow pads- Mouthpiece- CupIllegal:- Any metal or hard brace- Head gear- Shoes of any kindWeigh-ins will be conducted the day of the tournament without the GiThe Budo Challenge is currently accepting applications in the following weight classes: – Under 59.99 Kg (132 lbs) – From 60 Kg to 67.99 Kg (149.60 lbs) – From 68 Kg to 76.99 Kg (170 lbs) – From 77 Kg to 86.99 Kg (192 lbs) – From 87 Kg to 97.99 Kg (216 lbs) – Over 98 Kg (over 216 lbs). To apply email your martial arts style, competition record, photo, and personal stats to the Budo Challenge Selection Committee in care of Kid Peligro at [email protected]. Fighters should be prepared to be in Los Angeles, California from October 17th through the 21st

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