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Wild Fight GP rocked Juiz de Fora , Brazil ? COMPLETE RESULTS

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Wild Fight GPSaturday, 1? of October of 2005Sport Club of Juiz De Fora – Juiz De Fora, MGAlthough few people attended the Sport Club of Juiz De Fora gymnasium in Minas Gerais, the first eliminatory day of the Wild Fight GP, on October 1st, there was plenty of submissions. In the best fight of the night, the champion of mini GP of the Champion’s Night 12, Rafael Sapo did a very exciting fight against Carlos Eduardo (Carlson Gracie). With so much movement, both competitors ended falling outside the ring, straight to the ground. According to the organization, the ropes of ring had yielded the tension. In the second round, Sapo applied a take down in Eduardo and submitted him by guillotine choke at 2min46s.Another fighter to use the guillotine to submit his opponent was C?zar Augusto (until 73kg), who did not give any chances to Herison Para?ba. He made the fastest fight of the night and gave no alternatives to his opponent, who tapped out at 34 seconds of fight. The fight in the 83kg division saw Pedro Dos Santos (Carlson Gracie) impose his game and finish Roberto Augusto with a Kimura at 2:00 of the second round.The champions of the first phase come back to fight in day 12 of November, to face the champions of the second phase, programmed to roll in next Saturday, day 8.COMPLETE RESULTS: Jiu-Jitsu: Matheus Trindade defeated David Branches for 2×0;MMA: -73kg: C?zar Augusto submitted Herison Para?ba with a guillotine at 0:34 of the R1; -83kg: Pedro Dos Santos submitted August Robert with a Kimura at 2:00 of the R2; -93kg: Rafael Sapo submitted Carlos Eduardo with a guillotine at 2:46 of the R2;Absolute: Joaquin Mammoth submitted Jai Handle with a Kimura at 2:20 of the R2.Super-fight: – Gabriel Mudo defeated Rodrigo Dos Santos by unanimous decision;- Maicon Alarc?o submitted Daniel Siqueira with a choke at 0:54 of the R1; – H?lio Massari defeated Elton Cruz by doctor’ stoppage at 4:05 of the R1.

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