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Roan Jucao ready to defend BTT against Chute Boxe!

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With Pablo Lima and Rafael WerneckDuring the Pride Middleweight Grand Prix final round we saw the the duels Ricardo Arona vs. Wanderlei Silva and Ricardo Arona vs. Mauricio Shogun, and the fights were not only between Brazilian fighters, but between two MMA teams that are in a rivalry over being the best MMA Team in Brazil, maybe in the world.Now, on October 15th, Chute Boxe and Brazilian Top Team will face each other in a mini-tournament, scheduled to be held during the ‘Fight For Respect’ event, in Lisbon, Portugal. It will be a three fight competition, with the main event being the challenge between Roan Jucao Carneiro and Fabio Silva.Right from BTT’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Roan Jucao talked to ADCC News about the upcoming fight against Fabio Silva. ‘Everyone knows the Chute Boxe fighting style. I’ll try to take the action to the ground but if I have to fight standing, exchanging punches I am going to. There is no problem at all’ says Jucao, whose MMA record shows eight fights, with five victories and three losses. His last MMA appearance was in February, when he was defeated by Japanese star Ryo Chonan at Deep – 18th Impact.The ‘Fight For Respect’ official card has not been released yet, but the other two fights of the Chute Boxe vs. BTT challenge are already known. The ADCC veteran Alexandre Cacareco (BTT) will face Julio Cesar Jamanta, and Paulo Boiko (BTT) will face Mauricio Veio (Chute Boxe).Talking about the rivalry between these two MMA teams, Jucao analyzed the Pride GP final round. ‘Arona spent all his energy during the fight against Wanderlei and proved he is a top fighter, since he faced two chute boxers on the same night. Shogun has his merits, but he fought only one round against Alistair Overeem, and faced a tired Arona at the final. I would love to see Shogun facing Rogerio Minotouro Nogueira and Ricardo Arona on the same night’ ends Jucao.

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