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The former UFC welterweight Champ and a man who is widely considered one of the best fighters in the world pound-for-pound, talked briefly with ADCC!ADCC: BJ, what are you up to these days and what?s planned for your near future? BJ: I’m just cruising. I?m filming a documentary about training with different fighters around the world. I?m going to travel around and train everywhere because I have to improve.ADCC: Anything new with your legal matters? BJ: I can’t comment on anything right now because the case is still pending.ADCC: Two out of your last three opponents have been from the Gracie family. Is there a rivalry there and do you want to continue to challenge other Gracies? BJ: There is no rivalry. We?re just putting fights together for people to see.ADCC: The Pride Middleweight tournament has a few interesting names from your past; Jens Pulver and Takanori Gomi. Who do you like in that tournament and would you like a rematch between those two guys? BJ: I think Gomi could win but there are so many good guys. I don?t think Pulver has as much of a chance but he is a good fighter. I won?t be totally surprised when I see the winner because It could be anybody.ADCC: What is your contract status? Are you exclusively going to fight in Rumble on the Rock (ROTR) and K-1 or are you open to fight in other organizations? BJ: I think I will be fighting in K-1 and Rumble World Entertainment (RWE).ADCC: Many people want to see you fight Matt Hughes again and with the rise of Georges St. Pierre, people want to see you back in the UFC. Are bridges burned with the UFC? BJ: I don?t know what is going to happen with the UFC but the winner of the Hughes vs. St. Pierre fight should challenge me.ADCC: There are rumors that RWE is putting together a 170-pound tournament with the winner eventually facing you. Is there any truth to that? BJ: I heard about the tournament briefly because I haven?t been in Hawaii for two months but I don?t know if I?m fighting the winnerADCC: Frank Trigg is now a free agent and you guys had some friendly smack talk sessions. Any interest in fighting him? BJ: Frank had some bad losses but he will be back, so when he comes back we will see what happens.ADCC: Anything to say to your fans? BJ: If you are my fans, thanks. If not maybe one day you will be!

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