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Capoeira Worlds gathers together 35 countries in Rio de Janeiro

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Text by Andr? Ara?jo – team TATAMEThe main Capoeira group in the world, Abad? Capoeira, releases the 5th edition of Capoeira Worlds 2005, which is taking place in Rio de Janeiro from August 15 to August 21. At this time, Abad? promises a bigger fight party than last year. ‘We are going to gather together capoeira fighters from 35 countries’ stated Abada leader Master Camisa, announcing the theme of the big meeting: ‘Water for living’ which alerts the world to the cause of water preservation.For a week, Capoeira will rock Rio de Janeiro with Capoeira courses, folkloric shows, discussions about the Capoeira nowadays, workshops and theories involving Capoeira. The 5th edition of Capoeira Worlds will be at an old movie theater in Rio called Cine Odeon, in downtown and then at Fundi??o Progresso. On Friday, Camisa will discuss how Capoeira has been getting developed around the world.Held for the fifth time in Rio de Janeiro, The Capoeira Worlds will feature 480 fighters at the ‘roda’ (capoeira fight zone). According to the organization, only 34 foreign fighters and 30 Brazilians are eligible, including the 10 champions from 2004. The fighters will be divided into four brackets of four fighters and they will fight each other. Fighting different styles as ?Iuna?, ?Angola?, ?Benguela? and ?S?o Bento Grande? ? a kind of fastest Berimbau rhythm ? capoeira fighters score points.Ending the great meeting of Capoeira, Camisa alerts that on August 21, nearly 7 thousand capoeiras will meet at Copacabana beach for an ‘aulao’ (big class). If you are in Rio at this time, you cannot miss it!

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