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7 DVD set of the GREATEST GRAPPLING EVENT of all time released 9 weeks after competition!SHIPPING TODAY! Available only at FIGHTMARKET.COM!’ONTHEMAT.COM and IMPRINT PRODUCTIONS have completed their work on complete 7 DVD set of the 6th Submission Wrestling World Championships!’ states ADCC spokesperson Miguel Iturrate.’Our web store was one of the ADCC 2005 sponsors, so FIGHTMARKET.COM is taking orders and shipping the DVDs as we speak!’ continues the spokesman. ‘We are shipping right now, which is less than 9 weeks after the event! This has never happened before in the history of ADCC, so despite a delay of one month from our target date, the crew overcame some software and technical glitches and we can say that none of the production problems of ADCC 2003 are there. We are 100% sure that this DVD set will be the best product ever released with the ADCC name on it!’ details the spokesman.’The technical level of the fighters at this event goes without saying – it was epic, historic, whatever you want to call it.’ states the spokesman. ‘The combined crew from the Florida based AFC MMA events and the crew at ONTHEMAT have done a great job from capturing the feel of the live event. Roger Gracie, Marcelo Garcia, Ronaldo ‘Jacare’, Leo Vieiera, Jeff Monson. The first year of ladies competition, including Julianna Borges, Kyra Gracie, Leka Vieira and Megumi Fuji. This event is a landmark in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts! 7 DVD Set Features:- ADCC’s Best Ever Graphics and Menus!- First Ever Women’s ADCC Submission Wrestling Tournaments!- 5 Men’s Tournaments, Plus the Absolute and the SUPERFIGHT.- All Tournaments in their entirety!

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