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Dear friends,I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that one of the best cards ever in San Da will be held at the Mohegan Sun Casino on October 22nd, bringing our sport the attention it deserves. In related news, San Da continues to grow, occupying me with a number of personal projects as well. Finally, we are in discussion once again to host our annual tournament. Thus, the bad news is that I have to postpone the next ‘Sport Fighting Titans’ event. Since the event offers both beginners and champions a venue to showcase their skills, it deserves real attention and shouldn’t be anything but the finest show it can be. With so much on my table right now, I can’t honestly say that I can do that for September 17th, so I am postponing the show. Rest assured, when the Mohegan Sun show is over and the date for the next tournament is set, we will return with the sport fighting titans shows, bigger and BETTER! David A RossNY San Da 239-8619

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