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In its 10th anniversary the BJJ Worlds had the greatest Absolute field ever, names like Roger Gracie, Ronaldo Jacare, Saulo Ribeiro, Braulio Estima, Xande Ribeiro, Andre Galvao and many, many other stars fought in front of a sell out crowd. The figts were great and exciting, highlights were Roger gracie submitting every opponent he faced including Saulo Ribeiro in the semifinals – Saulo officially retired in front of the appreciative crowd with a speech and a cerymony in which he gave his belt to the victor Roger. Ronaldo Jacare, who beat everyone he faced including an in form Andre Galvao in the quarters by 6 x 2 (look out for him next year in the Absolute), and Braulio Estima in the semis to earn the chance for a rematch with Roger in the finals. Other highlights included Xande Ribeiro v Estima quarters finals, a festival of high level moves and sweeps with Braulio winning by 7 x 4 in the end and Eduardo Telles v Cranivata.American star Rafael Lovato had a great showing winning his first match but lost to Fernando Boi in his secondIn the Brown it was Rominho from Gracie Barra BH taking the weight. American Mike Fowler submitted his first opponent but lost his second match by points. Also noteworthy was a finals between two Paraestra Team japanese fighters (sorry I didn’t get your names) making one fo the first finals in the belt between two international fightgers of the land of the rising sun.Today is the weight divisions in teh BB and the finals

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