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ADCC 2005 was certain to make history in more ways than one. The 6th Submission Wrestling World Championships were the first ever held in the United States, and the Ladies divisions would debut, inaugurating two weight classes and an Absolute division. The event did not dissappoint, as roughly 6,000 people over the course of the weekend saw the 6th ADCC – the most ever. (ATTENDANCE NOTE: 2,800 Saturday, 3,200 on Sunday) Additionally, the level of the competitors was higher than ever, and ADCC judge George Delchev stated ‘The women’s matches exceeded expectations – the level, the mindset for the matches, the competitiveness and skill – it was all there. And it was the first time, so this was hopefully just the beginning for the women’s divisions’.Another history making aspect would be the addition of alternate matches. In the past, the ADCC has invited an alternate fighter so that if anyone fails to make weight or has travel issues, a replacement was on hand. This year, an 18th competitor was named, and several alternate matches developed in the men’s weight class. This opened up a possible invitation for the alternates to enter the Absolute division, which would play out to occur in both the women’s and men’s divisions.After every ADCC, new names are made, old names are confirmed and the elite of the grappling world are confirmed. This year, the ADCC’s grueling test was made more difficult than ever by a deep field and a harsh, unforgiving mat surface that bloodied bodies, especially knees and elbows.THE CHAMPIONS:Men’s Divisions:Under 65kg: 1st: Leo Vieira (Brazil)2nd: Rany Yahia (Brazil)3rd: Marcio Feitosa (Brazil)66-76kg: 1st: Marcelo Garcia (Brazil)2nd: Pablo Popovitch (USA)3rd: Jake Shields (USA)77-87kg: 1st: Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ (Brazil)2nd: Demian Maia (Brazil)3rd: Saulo Ribeiro (Brazil)88-98kg: 1st: Roger Gracie (Brazil)2nd: Alexandre ‘Cacareco’ (Brazil)3rd: Alexandre Ribeiro (Brazil)99kg+: 1st: Jeff Monson (USA)2nd: Gabriel Napao (Brazil)3rd: Fabrizio Werdum (Brazil)Women’s DivisionsUnder 60kg: 1st: Kyra Gracie (Brazil)2nd: Leka Vieira (Brazil)3rd: Megumi Fuji (Japan)60kg+: 1st: Juliana Borges (Brazil)2nd: Stacy Cartwright (Australia)3rd: Kizma Button (USA)Absolute DivisionsMen’s: 1st: Roger Gracie (Brazil)2nd: Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ (Brazil)3rd: Marcelo Garcia (Brazil)Women’s: 1st: Juliana Borges (Brazil)2nd: Tara Larosa (USA)3rd: Amanda Buckner (USA)Superfight:Dean Lister over Jean Jacques Machado score 8-0FIRST ROUND MATCHES AS ADCC 2005 IS ON!UNDER 65.9 KG:Leo Vieira of Brazil came in as the defending champion, and he would later reveal that he was nursing a broken foot recently removed from a cast. HIs first round opponent was a game Tetsu Suzuki, the Japanese qualifierFredson Alvesof Brazil would lose to Joey Gilbert of the USA, a veteran wrestler who returned to ADCC with a reputation as a competitor nobody wants to face.In one of the big surprises of the opening round, Alberto Crane of the USA was choked out by Canada’s Rob DiCenso. DiCenso, a late addition to the tournament, would have several surprises up his sleeve this tournament, as the ‘SPIDER’ was ready to rise to the occasion and represent Canada.Cesar Gracie student Gilbert Melendez, a skilled MMA fighter and wrestler, would take out ADCC veteran Baret Yoshida in another opening round surprise that saw one of the favorites bow out in the first round.Wagney Fabiano (Brazil)Jani Lax (Finland)Mario Delgado (Mexico)Rainy Yahera (Brazil)Marcos ‘Parrumphina’ De Matta (Brazil)Uriah Faber (USA)Toni Kruger (Finland)Marcio Fietosa (Brazil)66-76.9 KG:Marcelo GarciaChris BrennanShinja AokiMarcos AvellanOtto OlsonGeorge St. PierreJason BrudvikLeo SantosJuan ‘Jucao’ CarneiroGavin KulperPablo PopovitchRenzo GracieDiego Sanchez Jake ShieldsMartin LinqvistCameron Earle77-87.9 KG:Saulo Ribeiro Larry PapadopoulisTakefumi HanaiMacaco Demain Maia Marko HelenHidemi MiharaDavid AvellanRonaldo Jacare David BelkheidenRobert SulskiBento Ribeiro Reese Andy Matt HorwichDennis HallmanFrank Trigg88-98.9 KG:John Olav EinemoRick MacauleyMike Van ArsdaleVictor VianaRobert Drysdale Anthony PeroshYukiya NaitoAlexandre Ferreira ‘Cacareco’Roger GracieJustin GarciaEduardo TellesAntoine Joaude Travis Wiuff Jamal PattersonMichael GrotheXande RibeiroHEAVYWEIGHTS:Marcio Cruz ‘Pe de Pano’Miodrag PetkovicCraig PumphreyDaniel GracieGabriel NapaoMustapha al-TurkHaim GocaliRicco RodriguezFabricio WerdumDennis RobertsMarcio Corelletta Jay WhiteRhadi FergusonJun IshiiKarim ByronJeff MonsonUNDER 60 KG:Leticia RibeiroGazzy ParmanRoxanne ModafferiLeka VieiraMegumi FujiRima HaddadKyra GracieErica MontoyaOVER 60 KG:Juliana Borges of Brazil would begin her methodical march with a victory over fellow countrywoman Hannette Stack. The match would go the full 8 minute time limit before Borges advanced.Megumi Yabushita of Japan would take out Amanda Buckner of the USA in their opening round bout, as Buckner’s ‘go for it’ type game was halted by Yabushita, who used positioning to grind out a win. A pro wrestler with over a dozen MMA fights, Tabushita would bring a strong spirit of competition throughout the event – she was there to win.Merloes Coenen of Holland, in many ways the favorite of the tournament would start her run off with a knee bar over Japan’s Yuki Kondo Kubota, who would be seen limping around the rest of the weekend.In the final match of the first round, Camilla Gielsten of Norway squared off against Stacy Cartwright of Australia, who at purple belt, would be one of the major surprises of the women’s divisions. She would take out Camilla with an arm bar in the first round, and she would submit highly regarded Dutch fighter Merloes Coenen in the second round with a triangle choke.THE ALTERNATE MATCHES:These matches occured after the first round of of all the weight classes was over. By competing, the atletes were eligible for the ABSOLUTE draw, and several were selected to compete in the Sunday tournament.In the ladies under 60 KG class, Tara Larosa of the USA would be near the top of her weight class, while Australia’s Sari Redzoposki was undersized at roughly 55 KG. Tara got it to the ground using her judo background, and secured a quick rear naked choke for the win.Kizma Button, a 17 year old wiz kid from West Virginia was a late replacement as injuries kept Debi Purcell from competing, and visa problems kept Carolina Lasser out of the country. Kizma would take out veteran Jessica Ross with a quick choke about 1 minute in.In the under 66 KG men’s divisions, a fast paced, crowd pleasing match between to young fighters from California Jeff Glover and Russ Miura.(66-77) DANIEL VALVERDE (Brazil) v. EDUARDO ‘Jamelao’ CONCEPCION (Brazil)(HVY) RODRIGO ‘COMPRIDO’ MEDEIROS (Brazil) v. WADE ROME (USA)ROUND 2 and 3, PLUS THE FINALS!Dean Lister versus Jean Jacques Machado ? The superfight:WOMEN?s ABSOLUTE WEIGHT CLASS:Merloes Coenen v. Stacey CartwrightThe match was exciting in the earlier tournament, and the rematch would be on in the Absolutes.Megumi Yabushita v. Tara LarosaAnother rematch would develop here, as Larosa went to Japan earlier this year and defeated Yabushita in a Re-Mix MMA show. Larosa get pulled into the tourney after under 60 KG Champion Kira Gracie declined to enter the Absolutes.Amanda Buckner v. Leka VeieraKizma Button v. Juliana BorgesKIzma would get the ought task of taking on the over 60 KG champion Juliana Borges of Brazil. The ABSOLUTE CLASS ? The Most Grueling Test in SportsRonaldo ‘Jacare’ v. David AvellanLeo Santos v. Alexandre ‘Cacareco’Ricco Rodriguez v. Marcelo GarciaDaniel Valverde v. Diego SanchezShinja Aoki v. Roger GracieReese Andy v. Fabrizio WerdumGabriel Napao v. Eduardo TellesXande Ribeiro v. Antoine Jaoude

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