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Wanderlei and Shogun’s last training session

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text and photos by Marcelo Alonso If you had any doubts whether Shogun and Wanderlei would fight for real if they advance to the final of Pride GP, you should check their training routine at Chute Boxe headquarters. Last week I had the opportunity to see the final days of training of the two Chute Boxe representatives in the quarterfinals of Pride GP and was really impressed. ‘Look what he did to my left eye yesterday’, said Silva pointing a small purple mark. ‘As you could see today Shogun is excellent shape. Minotouro is a great fighter but I believe Shogun will knock him out in the first round’, pointed Wand. Shogun also predicted a hard time for Nakamura. ‘After training with Wand yesterday I felt pain all over my body. His hands are heavier than ever, Nakamura is tough but I don’t think he will last more than one round’, said Shogun. He also showed lots of respect about Minotouro. ‘For sure he is one of the strongest fighters out there. I’m sure It’s going to be tough but I trained a lot and I believe I can win’. Asked about a possible final against his teammate, Wanderlei said: ‘Actually we will just have to exchange the adress of our daily training, from Curitiba to Japan. I guarantee it’s going to be a great fight for fans’.Besides 100% belief in each other’s win next Saturday (june 26), Wanderlei and Shogun also believe Arona will beat Sakuraba. ‘Arona is stronger than Sakuraba. He will take Sakuraba down and hold the fight’, predicted Shogun. The only disagree when the subject is Overeem and Vovchanchyn. ‘I would like to fight Vovchanchyn in the semifinal it would be a great show for the fans, but I think he will have problems with Overeem’s knees’, said Silva. Shogun disagreed, ‘I think Igor is stronger and more experienced. I believe he will win’.Both fighters, together with Rudimar Fedrigo, Rafael Cordeiro and all Chute Boxe Crew are scheduled to fly from Curitiba to Japan on monday.

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