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Wand in total shape to face Nakamura

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With Pablo Lima and Rafael Werneck Hard training, search for the ideal body weight and balanced nutrition are the signs that Wanderlei Silva is getting ready for an upcoming challenge. And this challenge is very important since a victory over Kazuhiro Nakamura on June 26th, guarantees Wand among the four finalists of Pride Middleweight Grand Prix. According to the current middleweight champion, he will arrive in Japan to fight Nakamura in great shape. ?I injured my both knees only three weeks away from the fight against Hidehiko Yoshida, and because of that I couldn?t train as hard as I wanted, and even fight as I would like to fight. And more! I exaggerated in my weight control and lost more weight that I was supposed to. This time everything will be different?, promises Wand. Last weekend Wanderlei Silva and his Chute Boxe fellow Mauricio Shogun, who will fight Rogerio Minotouro Nogueira at GP quarterfinals, attended a Storm Samurai FC, in Curitiba. From the Chute Boxe headquarters he told us he is focused in an important aspect to beat Nakamura: ?I?m giving my wrestling training some priority and training as hard as I can. I will work until the fight?s eve and will be flying in the ring?, says the Brazilian star. Differently from other fighters, Wand prefers stay in Brazil until just a few days before the fight. He told ADCC that he booked his flight to June 20th, which means he should be arriving in Japan no more than a day away from the fight against Nakamura. ?I know that a lot of fighters prefer to go earlier, but I think it is very important stay with my family. This is part of my routine and I usually do fine when I do like this?, ends Wand.

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