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Royce Gracie Inspires Youth Of Kaua?i – from the promoter L?HU?E ? On a recent visit to Kaua?i, Hawai?i, fighting legend Royce Gracie taught approximately forty (40) island youths the skills and philosophy of his famous fighting family. In association with the Kaua?i Police Activities League (KPAL) and Kendall Goo Jiu-Jitsu (a Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Network), the youth ranging from ages 4 ? 15 were taught basic self-defense skills and respect. Gracie stressed the importance of not only being able to apply techniques to defend yourself, but respecting ones parents and others.The Kaua?i Police Activities League and Kendall Goo Jiu-Jitsu Team is County sponsored and the first known attempt to have Gracie Jiu-Jitsu as an Interscholastic Sport. Officer Mark Ozaki, a Golden Gloves Champion in his youth and head of KPAL, is the ?spearhead? behind the fusion of organizations which hopes to someday have teams in each district of the island and someday throughout the state.One to never sit idle, Gracie taught three classes in two weeks while on vacation with his wife Marianne and sons, Khonry, Khor, and Kheydon. Nevertheless, the family found the time for fun and swimming at the beach, ATV riding, wakeboarding, and mingling with the ?locals?.For more information, contact: Stacy Iwasaki Tel (808) 651-0309ADCC Brazil Qualifier shows its power in ADCC 2005The ADCC qualifier systems adopted in Brazil produced one of the best results ever. The selection process involved a two tier program with a pre-qualifier open to many with the top 4 winners advancing to the next round joining the 4 other invited fighters. The first event had over 350 fighters in the 5 weight categories, the largest ever ADCC qualifier in Brazil. The end result was the team of Wagney Fabiano (66kg), Demian Maia (77kg), Juan Juc?o (88kg), Roger Gracie (99kg) e Gabriel Nap?o (+99kg). The results speak for themselves with a 2nd place in the U77kg for Demian Maia. Roger Gracie taking the U99KG and the Absolute and another 2nd place in the over 99kg, with Gabriel Nap?o.For the future, the local organizers plan to have an even stronger series of events leading to a Mega qualifier sending the strongest team ever for 2007Fourth Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP on August 13th The Fourth BJJ CAMP will be held in August 13 and will last 10 days, The black belts are giving as a bonus a free private class for the first 8 students to confirm their spot. You will have the chance to learn from:- Leozinho Vieira (2 times and current ADCC CHAMPION), – Rodrigo Comprido (2 times OPEN weight BJJ World Champion, besides many times World champion on his weight category), – Felipe Costa ( BJJ World Champion as a black belt in rooster weight class), – Ratinho (leader of Brasa and expert in self defense, creator of Self-security system used in the biggest Brazilian airline company VARIG), among other black belts.You will get an average of one black belt to each group of 3 students, all in the same room at the same time. All of them working to improve your game. That is something you won?t get any other place in the world.Recently featured in the hot new video magazine Arte Suve, the camp is serious fun and serious training! Check more details and make your reservation now at or feel free to email at [email protected] Alliance Seminars in Italy and Spain – from the promoterFor the past week Viterbo, Italy, had the visit of bjj black belt professor Francisco Salvador, an undefeated NHB fighter who is President of the Venezuelan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation and Director of Alliance Venezuela. The seminar included group classes and private lessons in Jiu-Jitsu, Vale Tudo and Submission, the visit was organized by Victor Hugo Correa, a hard working and charismatic blue belt who was awarded the purple belt by Professor Salvador during the same week. Another highlight was the presence of outstanding 3rd degree black belt teacher, and technical director of Brasa Jiu-Jitsu Octavio Couto ‘Ratinho’ for a day of classes. After the Italian visit, Professor Salvador continued his trip to Madrid, Spain where he taught a group of eager students before returning to Caracas, Venezuela, June 5th. This way Alliance keeps expanding its frontiers with the steady guidance of multiple times World Champion Professor Fabio Gurgel, Mentor of Francisco Salvador and one of Jiu-Jitsu?s most remarkable figures.2nd South Bay Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open! – from the promoterSaturday, June 25, 2005!The Tournament will be held in Southern California, Torrance o?n June 25th, 2005 in the Gym of Torrance High School located at 2200 W. Carson St., Torrance, CA 90501 The event will be GI o?nly! The tournament will start promptly at 10:00 am and will have children, juniors, adult, master, senior, male and female, divisions from white to black belt levels.We are very pleased with the enthusiastic response of the fighters. We are receiving large number of signees in all categories from white to black belt levels. Competitors, please note that weigh-ins WITH THE GI o?n. Remember! In the weight list the ‘GI’ weight is already added, so make sure you are in the correct division. Competitors who do not make their weight division will automatically be disqualified. You MUST bring a valid form of identification at the time of weigh-in.The 2003 inaugural tournament was a tremendous success due to the support and participation of many schools, as we had almost 200 competitors from several different academies participate. We hope for this year’s event to be even bigger and better, and invite you to come join us. Also, as before, the South Bay Open will be a DOUBLE ELIMINATION tournament. This format gives participants a chance to compete in at least two matches. This tournament will follow the official rules of the North American Federation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (NAFBJJ). The rules are designed to protect competitors and improve the level of Jiu-Jitsu competitions. For additional info visit us at: or call us directly at (310) 618-8149 or by email please email us to: [email protected]Thank you all in advance for your cooperation and support. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. Good luck for all of you. Sincerely,Prof. Carlos ‘Caique’ Elias – Team Caique Jiu-JitsuGeneral Information! 1 – Registration:Each competitor must turn in his/her separate Individual Competitor Registration Form. Prior to the day of the tournament each competitor must have his/her own Signed Waiver Liability. Without a signed waiver liability, you will not be allowed to compete. NO EXCEPTIONS!This year you can make your registration by MAIL or ON-LINE! Your registration and payment must bedone at the same time. We are o?nly accepting registration with payments.Registration by MAIL: The Competitor MUST submits an’ Individual Competitor Registration Form’, ‘Signed Waiver Liability’ and the ‘Registration Fee’ (mailing in a check or money order made out to Caique Jiu-Jitsu) at the same time. NO EXCEPTIONS!Registration o?n-LINE: Competitors are encouraged to register o?n-line using the following link : Register for South Bay Open . A printable version of the registration form is also available at Registration .PDF, which requires Adobe Acrobat 5.0 to open. The Registration o?n-Line and the Registration Fee (by credit card) must be submitted at the same time. NO EXCEPTIONS! Deadline for o?n-line registration is Friday, June 24th, 2005. * There will be a $10 late fee for registrations received Saturday morning at the door.Fee as a follow:Spectators:Children: 5 years old and under: FREE ADMISSION Children and Adults: 6 years and older Tickets: $ 5.00 Competitors:Kids $ 30.00Juniors $ 50.00Women $ 50.00Men $ 50.00

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