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SHIPPING IN JULY! 7 DVD Set of ADCC 2005 – save $20, plus free shipping on pre-orders! Available only at FIGHTMARKET.COM!Word is that the DVDs for ADCC 2005 will ship in July, roughly 6 weeks after the event itself. One of many dramatic stories of this show was 66-76 kg division competitor Jake Shields, whose arm was hurt so badly in the second round that he had to tape it up in order to continue, but continue he did. His third round match ended up being a loss to eventual finalist Pablo Popovitch, where Popovitch scored pointd sfter taking Shields’ back. Jake competed in the runner up match on the 2nd day, and even contemplated competing in the absolute division, but wisdom prevailed. His wins on the first day came over TUF Champion Diego Sanchez and North American qualifier winner Cameron Earle, and on day 2 he defeated Leo Santos. . Earle was the one that popped Shields’ arm.Shields was also the Shooto Middleweight (Welterweight in the US) Champion from July-December of ’04. He lost the belt to Akira Kikuchi in a rematch from their August ’03 fight, which Shields won. He also has wins in MMA over UFC vets Hayato Sakurai and Jeremy Jackson. He is a member of Team Cesar Gracie. A gallery of shots from Jake’s three matches is posted at KM: First off what happened to your arms in ADCC ’05? JS: In was in the second fight against Cameron Earle. He pulled his foot over my head kind of like an oma plata ans switched it to an armbar. He hit it really fast and it popped. I rolled out of it but he pulled something in my arm. I didn?t go to a doctor but its messed up and swelled up pretty big. It is getting better fast. KM: In your third match you had both arms heavily bandaged. Is there anything with the second arm? JS: No. He knew my arm was popped and I was hoping he didn?t know which one it was. I figured I?d tape both so he wouldn?t target it. KM: Can you describe that match against Pablo Popovitch? JS: The first five minutes I tried to take him down and he kept running out of bounds. Right after points started he hit a takedown on me. From there I went to my back briefly but he got his hooks in for three seconds or five seconds. I ended up shaking him off and getting back to my fight but he scored six points right there. The rest of the match I tried to take him down and he kept running out of bounds basically. It wasn’t a really great match.KM: Most people were saying the first round the match to watch was Popovitch against Renzo Gracie but I thought it was you against Diego Sanchez. JS: Yeah, we both came out there and neither one of us were playing for points, we tried to go out and beat each other so it made a good match. KM: Can you describe that one? JS: It was a tough match from the beginning. We both right from the beginning went for each other. I?m not sure who took the other down first but the first five minutes were just back-and-forth sweeping each other. Once points started I ended up taking him down and he started getting a little tired. I think I pulled guard once and swept him. It ended up being 6-0. I could tell he was getting tired and started taking over towards the end and time ran out.KM: Diego is mainly known for his MMA although he has a good record in submission wrestling. For the MMA fans can you describe his submission wrestling skills? JS: He?s legit. He has a different style but he ranks right up there. He gave me a tough match. That was actually the match I was most tired with. He may not be as technical as someone like Santos but he?s physically more strong and explosive. He is definitely a world-class grappler. KM: Now that it is over how do you feel? JS: It wasn’t that stressful for me because I?m used to fighting which is more stress. I feel good, that I performed pretty well. Obviously I wanted to win it and was bummed about Popovitch, I was really looking forward to going against Garcia. Overall I?m pretty happy and ready to start training again. KM: Last I knew you were running your own Cesar Gracie affiliate. JS: Yeah, I?m teaching out of Fairtex. I?m still training up with Cesar too. I?m getting more and better students. Things are going really well. KM: You briefly won the Shooto belt. How do you feel about having the Shooto belt for that period? JS: I think it was a great belt to have. I wouldn’t mind getting that back, a UFC title, and Pride Bushido. KM: You won the Shooto belt and were invited to ADCC. Can you compare those achievements? Which means more to you? JS: I think they are both great achievements. It is really hard to compare them. For MMA it was Shooto but then for ADCC is the top grappling tournament in the world.KM: Do you have anything else lined up? JS: No, I am talking to a few people to decide if I am going to fight or not. Nothing is signed yet. I might do some grappling too but right now I?m focusing on MMA. KM: About a year ago there were rumors of you in the first TUF. I remember thinking you were the Shooto Champion, that you already deserved to be in UFC and TUF would be a step down. JS: Yeah. I sent in tapes and everything to the show but I ended up not getting on. KM: You also train with Gilbert Melendez. JS: Yeah. He’s been training good and was at Abu Dhabi also. KM: Can you describe his performance in Abu Dhabi from your point of view? JS: He did great. He had two days notice and came in there. He went in last minute notice and beat Baret Yoshida. That was his second grappling tournament ever. He is used to going down there and dropping elbows and all that. He lost a match (to Rob DiCenso) by points but overall it was a good performance. KM: I heard some people say Gilbert was just there riding on your coat tails. I?ve seen Gilbert win the WEC belt and he won in Shooto. JS: Yeah, 9-0 against good opponents. He has beat some of the best 145 pounders in the world. KM: Sponsors to thank? JS: I?d like to thank and No-Gi Industries. For more on Jake check out

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