Rickson Gracie celebrates ADCC 2005 success

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Idol to many fighters who were competing at ADCC 2005, held on May 28th and 29th in Long Beach, California, Rickson Gracie worked as Rani Yarhya‘s coach during the WOrld Championships. His pupil finished in second place in the up to 66kg category. Between one fight and another, Rickson took a little break to talk to the media and celebrate the huge success of the most important submission event on the planet. ‘It is a big step to the development of the sport, to bring so many talented athletes to fight at the same event’ says Rickson. Asked about the importance of the Gracie Family to the development of Jiu-Jitsu and submission, especially in the United States, Rickson Gracie answered happily: ‘I’m very glad. I fought almost 70% of my career just defending my honor and my family?s name. Now the athletes can make money fighting and I’m very happy with it.’ Away from the MMA ring since May of 2000, when he submitted Masakatsu Funaki at the Colosseum 2000 event, Rickson confirms that there is a possibility to come back at the end of 2005. ‘I’m very excited with the chance to fight at the end of the year, but there is nothing confirmed yet. I leave it in God’s hand, and if I’m going to fight, it will probably be in Japan’ stated Rickson during the ADCC. So far, Rickson Gracie has fought ten MMA bouts, and he won them all, submitting every single opponent.

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