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Main Photo:Roger celebrates the Absolute win All photos (c) Kid PeligroThe final day of the 2005 ADCC was the coronation fo not only the event but many of the brightest stars of the sport. Of special note were:- The performance of all the lady fighters showing that the sport is growing in the female ranks by leaps and bounds. Kyra Gracie demonstrated total mastery of the lightweight division and Juliana Borges, came out of nowhere to take not only the over 60KG but the absolute as well.- Leozinho Vieira with his gutsy performance fighting 4 matches including a 50 minute final with a broken foot (3 bones + ligament damage) to repeat as champion of the Under 65KG- Marcelinho Garcia was able to not only repeat as Champion of the Under 76KG but also surpass the huge expectations that were placed on his shoulders due to his 2003 performance- Ronaldo ‘Jacare’, who, because of Visa problems, arrived in LAX on Saturday 9:00AM and came directly to arena and not only won the Under 88KG but also nabbed a 2nd place in the Absolute- Jeff Monson, in 2003 ADCC he left the arena naked after throwing his shorts to the public, came back in 2005 to win a tough Over 99KG division- Roger Gracie – The name of the event. What else could be said about winning the Under 99KG and the Absolute with a perfect record of 8 submissions in 8 matches. A record that cannot be broken, only equaled. And when you really think about it, he did it against not just any fighter but the best of the best.- The ADCC committee and the organizers, for putting the best event EVER

 Avelan Brothers chilling Chiro at work Nova Uniao leaders Wendell Alexander and Dede Pederneiras Matt Hume Saulo and Xande Ribeiro Xande Ribeiro getting worked on by Steve Maxwell Hero Time Big John McCarthy Gracie Barra Flavia Gracie combs daughter Kyra hair Carlos Gracie Jr shouts instructions back stage warm up area Leozinho Vieira shows the broken left foot Liborio showing techs to Hallman and Borges Leka Vieira checks with coah Mario Aielo Marco Ruas and Antoine Jaoude Jacare Cavalcanti and Marcus Vinicius Liborio and Rei Diogo Franjinha Jamelao and Draculino Gurgel is all smiles before the tournament Leo Santos v Jake Shields 123456 Xande Ribeiro v Jon Olav Einemo Jacare v Demian Under 99KG Finals 12345678 Garcia v Popovich Under 76KG Finals 123 Leozinho v Rani Under 65 KG 50 minute Finals 1234567891011121314151617 Rober Gracie v Cacareco Under 99KG finals 12345 Womens absolute Stacy Cartwright v Camilla Gielstein Roger gets Aokis foot Xande gets under Jaoude Jacare v Avellan 123 Garcia gets last minute instructions from Gurgel Garcia v Rico Rodrigues 1234567 Roger v Werdum 12 Garcia v Diego Sanchez 123456 Guy Neivens and wife Veronica Rico Chiaparelli Lewis and Eric Paulson Borges gets the win over La Rosa womens absolute finals Xande v Roger 123456 Superfight Lister v Machado 12345678 Garcia v Xande 12345 Roger v Jacare Absolute finals 12345678910

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