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Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . 2005 ADCC First day – Incredible The event that almost never was!

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The first day of the 2005 ADCC had its share of surprises and great matches. Surprises such as Gilbert Melendes defeating Baret Yoshida in the first round. Continuing with Canadian Rob Dicenso making the semis after subbing Alberto Crane and Melendes. Leo Vieira’s performance was fantastic with a large points win and two subs and last minute substitue alternate, Rani Yahira geeting to the finals by beating Wagney Fabiano adn Marcio FeitosaIn the U76 Pablo Popovich beat Renzo Gracie, Juan Jucao and Jake Shields, he will be facing Marcelo Garcia who beat Chris Brannan, Shinga Aoki and Leo SantosUnder 87 saw Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ arrive in LAX at 9:00 Am, make it to the venue at 10:00AM, weigh in and submit his three opponents!!! While Demian Maia won two tough matches against David Avelan and Saulo Ribeiro (3 OT’S)Under 99KG saw Cacareco redeem his finals loss agianst Jon Olav Einemo in the semis to reach the finals against the fantastic Roger Gracie. Roger simply submitted all his opponents on his way to the finals. He will be a force in the absolute if he chooses to compete in it.In teh over division Gabriel Napao submmitted Marcio Pe de Pano to reach the finals against Jeff Monson. Monson gutted out a win against fabrizio Werdum, behind in the score with very little time left in teh match Monson shot and took Werdum down to get the points for the winIn the ladies bracket Leka Vieira beat Gazzi Parman and will face Kyra Gracie who submmited Megumi Fuji for the lightweight, while in the over 60KG it will be Juliana Borges v Stacy Cartwright from AustraliaThe most incredible part of this event was that the event was in serious jeapardy of not occuring. At 4:30 PM Thrusday afternoon, the comittee, including yours trulyy, was meeting for a final review when a frantic call came from one of the local organizers: ‘The California Athletci Committee is shutting us down!!!’ After a few phone calls it was quickly determined that an official from the California Athletic Committe was sending a cease and desist letter to Cal State Long Beach effectively shutting down the ADCC event. After 2 1/2 frabtic hours of calling every possible shot, and preparing contingency plans to move the event to either Las Vegas or Soboba Casino, the situation was resolved. With the intervention of several people, most prominently Dan Lambert, Bruce Buffer,Tery Trebilcok and Big John Mc Carthy, the head of the California Athletic Committe was reached and assurances were made back and forth and the event went as planned.A real close call!

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