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2005 ADCC – Ask the expert After my predictons for ADCC 2005 I decided to consult with some of the Submission Fighting Media experts and get their predictions. Below are the predictions of Kirik Jenness – MMA.TV, Gumby – On The, Luca Atalla – Gracie Magazine, Marcelo Alonso – Tatame Magazine & Denis Martins – ADCCKirik Jenness:I am honored at the offer! Some are from the heart (especially Roxanne as she fights out of my gym 🙂 but below is my best shot. But anything can happen – that is why we have the contest!U -66 KG 1 Leo Vieira 2 Parrumpinha2 Marcio Feitosa66 – 76.99 KG 1 Marcelo Garcia 2 Marcos Avellan3 Pablo Popovitch77 – 87.99 KG 1- Saulo Ribeiro 2- David Terrel3- Macaco88 – 98.99 KG 1-Jon Olav Einmo 2-Vladimir Matyushenko3-Roger GracieOver 99 KG 1-Jeff Monson2-Pe De Pano3-Rhadi FergusonSUPERFIGHT: Dean Lister (USA) LADIES DIVISIONS : Under 60.00 KG (132.00 LB): 1-Roxanne Modafferi2-Leka Vieira3-Erica MontoyaOver 60.01 KG (132.01 LB): 1-Marloes Coenen2-Debi Purcell 3-Megumi YabushitaGumby:Hmmm….. I’ve been agonizing for days over this. (In the process ofwriting up a very long report) But going on odds and some insider information, here goes:Under 66:1. Leo Viera. The man. Probably one of the most exciting grapplers of any size and the man to beat for sure.2. Javier Vazquez. He looks really on right now, and he can blend a jiujitsu and wrestling game better than anyone in the division. Has already defeated Alberto Crane (in the North Amercican Trials finals) and Eddie Bravo (x4)3. Wagney Fabiano. Talented enough to win the whole thing, won the Brazilian Trials over some very tough opponents.BTW- The 16th slot should definitely go to Rany Yahrya and he would rocket to #2 in my estimation if entered. The kid has been on an absolute tear as of late (as if he wasn’t dangerous enough before training with Rickson).Under 76-1. Marcelo Garcia. The most decorated grappler and jiu jitsu artist of the last two years. He’s the heavy favorite here for good reason.2. Cameron Earle. Highest percentage finisher in the US (and has submitted Garcia before in gi competition), when’s he’s on he can take out anyone in the world.3. Otto Olson. Why aren’t people talking about him more? The BEST wrestler in the division, he took second in 2003 defeating Daniel Moraes, Fernando Terere and Chris Brown (before losing to Garcia) and manhandled fellow invite Marcos Avellan at their match in 2004’s SWO. Probably the most physical guy in the division.Under 87-1. Dave Terrell- I think this is his year, and while he has always beenon of the most dangerous submission grapplers in the world, his loss in MMA has definitely opened his eyes to some things he need to work on and made him more motivated.2. Saulo Riberio- The man is the consummate competitor, he knows how to win and he’s a multiple time champion here already. When the history of our sport is written down Saulo will be very near the top of all time greats.3. Jacare- A powerhouse, only has gotten better since his last appearance. This guy goes to war every single time he steps on the mat, there is NOTHING subtle about Jacare’s game, which is a strength and a weakness in my estimation.Under 99-This is the most stacked division in the tournament IMHO1. Roger Gracie- The buzz on him is that’s he the man to beat for sure. The really scary thing about Roger? Hasn’t even come close to hitting the peak of his potential yet.2. Jon Olav Einmo- Another guy who I’m surprised people don’t talk aboutmore (possibly because people are wondering how the heck can a purple belt out of Scandanavia be so good), but I’m sure people will talking about him after seeing him in person. Keep in mind he wasn’t even 100% healthy when he won the 2003 ADCC!3. Xande Riberio- Xande is just so damn good, and extremely versatile. Talented and tactical, he has the tools to take the hole thing.99 and Over1. Jeff Monson fights more than any two people on this list, and aside from one blemish on his record (an overtime loss to Roy Nelson) has been undefeated since 2003 in anything he has competed in. He gets better every single outing as well. With this much momentum the Snowman is going to be very hard to stop.2. Fabrizio Werdum- He’s focused and hungrier and sharper than ever. I think he can take this division.3. Pe De Pano- The defending champion and always a dangerous opponent. There’s a big question mark on his conditioning and willingness to take things to the next level however.Superfight-I already laid things out in really detailed fashion here: Under 601. Gazzy Parman- She doesn’t get nearly enough credit for her abilities on the mat, but Gazzy has time and time faced some of the top competition in the sport and often walks away the winner. 2. Leticia Ribeiro Very tough comeptitor, I’m expecting to see her in the finals.3. Leka Viera Probably more dangerous with a gi than without she could do well in this field however.Ladies over 60(I’m doing this under protest, because I think the two who should be the favorites: Kizma Button and Kelly Paul were overlooked in favor of some people who I don’t think belong. That’s the way things go sometimes I guess).1. Hannette Stack- Scotty is scared of her. ‘Nuff said. I have no idea on the rest. Just not enough information. Marcelo Alonso:U -66 KG 1- Marcio Feitosa (Brazil) 2- Wagney Fabiano3- Leo Vieira 2003 World Champion (Brazil) U-77 KG 1-Juan ‘Jucao’ Carneiro Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil) 2-Marcelo Garcia 3-Renzo Gracie (Brazil) U- 88kg 1-Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza (Brazil) 2-Saulo Ribeitro3-Demian Maia Brazilian U- 99KG1-Roger Gracie2-Cacareco 3-Xande Ribeiro Over1- Pe de Pano2- Werdun 3- NapaoDenis Martins:U -66 KG Leonardo Vieira 2003 World Champion (Brazil) Wagney Fabiano Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil) Marcos’Parrumpinha’ DaMatta (Brazil) 66 – 76.99 KG Marcelo Garcia 2003 World Champion (Brazil) Roan ‘Jucao’ Carneiro Brazilian Qualifier Brazil) Cameron Earle North American Qualifier (USA) 77 – 87.99 KG Demian Maia Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil) Ronaldo Jacare (Brazil)David Terrell (USA) 88 – 98.99 KG Roger Gracie Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil) Alexandre ‘Cacareco’ Ferreira (Brazil) Paulo Filho (Brazil) Over 99 KG Marcio ‘Pe De Pano’ Cruz 2003 World Champion (Brazil) Fabricio Werdum (Brazil) Jeff Monson (USA) LADIES DIVISIONS: Under 60.00 KG (132.00 LB): Gazzy Parman (USA) Erica Montoya (USA) Roxanne Modafferi (USA) Over 60.01 KG (132.01 LB): Marloes Coenen (Holland) Hannette Stack (Brazil) Debi Purcell (USA) Superfight – Dean ListerLuca AtallaI chose 3 without any order:-66 – Feitosa, Vieira, Yoshida-77 – Gracie, Garcia, Santos-88 – Jacare, Saulo, Terrell-99 – Gracie, Filho, Cacareco+99 – Pe de Pano, Werdum, MonsonSuperfight – MachadoThere you have it, the experts have spoken! By Sunday May 28th we will know the full results and see.Royce Returns to Gracie MiamiThe only UFC Threepeat Champion will be in Miami for the first time after defeating Sumo legend Akebono. Royce will display his technical approach to a variety of grappling, throwing, and striking techniques. Royce will also be signing copies of his most recent book, Ultimate Fighting Techniques. The seminar will take place on Saturday, May 21 at 2PM.Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Book Signing in MiamiGrandmaster Helio Gracie will be in Gracie Miami this Monday, May 23 at 7PM signing copies of his first book ever!!! Rorion, Royce, and Renner Gracie will join Pedro & Gui Valente for this very special occasion.For more info call 305 354 2060 or go to www.graciemiami.comRODRIGO MEDEIROS 2005 EURO TOUR!!Carlson Gracie Black Belt Rodrigo Medeiros will be touring Europe in June. Rodrigo will be conducting seminars at the following locations:June 4 / 5 , Doug Mc Master ,Glasgow ,Scoltland Contact for info – [email protected]June 7/8/9 , Juan Grizzo ,Brussels ,BELGIUM, [email protected] or 32[0]477.39.42.39June 11 , John kavanagh ,Dublin ,Ireland, [email protected] or [email protected]June 12 ,Fergal Quinlan ,Shannon,Ireland, [email protected]June 25 /26 ,Cristos El Ellinas,Athens ,Greece [email protected] 2/3 ,Rafael Haubert,Barcelona, Spain [email protected]Rodrigo Medeiros Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Pb Fight Center4878 Cass St ,San Diego ,Ca 92109[858]273-1344 –

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