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Grandmaster Helio signing another copy of his Master Text – Photo (c) Kid Peligro Grandmaster Helio Gracie Releases his bookThis past Sunday, May 15th Grandmaster Helio Gracie released his book called Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, The Master Text at the Gracie Academy in Torrance . The reception and book signing had the presence of many of the who’s who of Jiu-Jitsu, special guests included a host of family memebers such as sons Rorion, Rickson & Royce, daughters Rherika and Ricci, grandnephew Rodrigo, grandsons Ryron Rener and Ralek; a Pedro Sauer, Rodrigo Medeiros, Pedro & Gui Valente, Cleber Luciano, Mario Aielo and many others.The book is hard cover with high gloss paper and great production, and includes a brief history of the art along with hundreds of photos demonstrating the techniques.To get your copy go to www.gracieacademy.com2005 ADCC Over 99 KG Division PredictionsOver 99 KG #1 Marcio ‘Pe De Pano’ Cruz 2003 World Champion (Brazil) #2 Gabriel Napao Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil) #3 Karim Byron North American Qualifier (Canada) #4 Mustafa Al-Turk European Qualifier (UK) #5 Jun Ishii Japanese Qualifier (Japan) #6 Dennis Roberts Australian Qualifier (Australia) #7 Rhadi Ferguson (USA) #8 Jeff Monson (USA) #9 Miodrag ‘Pele’ Petkovic (Serbia)#10 Ricco Rodriguez (USA) #11 Craig Pumphrey (USA) #12 Haim Gozali (Israel)#13 Fabrizio Werdum (Brazil)#14 Robert Kesling (USA)#15 Daniel Gracie (Brazil)Once again a reminder that the rating is based on the most current list of names as per ADCC News; so anyone not offically announced is not going to be considered at this point for the ranking.1- Fabricio Werdum – Werdum is hungry and ready for action. He is training full time in Croatia, if the lack of World Class training partners doesn’t hurt him, he should be in the finals and get the gold. 2- Rhadi Ferguson – Rhadi is a force of nature. Well trained and with recent Olympic experience, Rhadi will be throwing a few big guys over his head. If the brackets help him he will not only make the finals but get the shiniest medal3- Marcio ‘Pe de Pano’ Cruz – Pano is on the comeback trail, after a series of professional setbacks, Marcio returned to the mats where he belongs. He won the 2005 Pan-Ams weight and Absolute but looked somewhat out of shape in the end. ADCC will test his stamina and preparation and a bad draw could spell disaster for him. Look for him to contend, depending on the draw.Darkhorse – Jeff Monson – How can Jeff be a darkhorse ? ! ? Only because I believe this weight is a little much for him. Although he got a second in ’01 at the weight, there are some big boys here that can play the game. Monson always manages to get to the finals (except for ’05). Again his luck wil depend on the draw.These are my predictions, now I want you to make the call. Email your top predictions to [email protected] and Kid will randomly publish two of the readers predictions along with their info. Then after the event is run, we will have a random drawing of all the entries with the winner getting the 2003 ADCC DVD set sponsored by BJJMart.comStarting with our next report we are going to introduce the ‘Ask the expert’ ADCC predictions. Kid invited several experts to predict the winners of ADCC 2005 and will share them with you here.Rodrigo ‘Comprido’ Seminar in San Diego Dean Lister and the Boxing Club would like to invite you to a seminar with 6 x World Champion Rodrigo ‘Comprido’ Meideiros. The seminar will take place on Sunday, May 22, 2005 at The Kearny Mesa Boxing Club. The address is 1046 Convoy St., San Diego, CA 92111. It will start at 1 pm and go till around 4 pm. The cost for the seminar is $80.00. The seminar is open to both gi and no-gi so bring what you want. All participants will also recieve a t-shirt from Comprido and an Osiris ballcap. The Boxing Club – Kearny Mesa1046 Convoy St., San Diego, CA 92111Sunday, May 22, 2005 – 1 pm to 4 pmFor more info please contact Brent at (619) 920-6719.Alliance Jiu-Jitsu seminar with Romero ‘Jacare’ Cavalcanti and Roberto TravenJune 4th, 2005 Alliance Jiu-Jitsu of Greenville, S.C. will be celebrating our grand opening on June 4th, 2005. We are excited to announce that Alliance Head Coach, Jacare, and Abu Dhabi champion Roberto Traven will be conducting a seminar on the same day. The seminar will start at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday. Food and refreshments will be served following the conclusion of the seminar. Cost is $50.00 per person. For further information contact Billy Flecther (864) 420-1646 or check out our website at ‘TAP FACTOR’ and BATTLE CRY Capitol Cup presents:’TAP FACTOR’ and BATTLE CRY MAY 21 st, 2005Mechanicsville, VAStonewall Jackson Middle School8021 Lee-Davis Road, Mechanicsville, VA 23111THE PLACE FOR COMPETITORS.ALL THE GRAPPLING THAT YOU’VE BEEN WANTING TO DO! THE BEST OF TWO WORLDS?……. NOPE!…..THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS.*SUBMISSION ARTS GRAPPLING**BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU**FOLKSTYLE(COLLEGIATE) WRESTLING**JUDO**GRECO-ROMAN WRESTLING**POLICE CUFF & STUFF*EVERYTHING IN ONE DAY.Weight-ins start at 9am, Opening Ceremony at 10amFor more details: register online: http://www.bjjnews.comThe 2nd Annual Hoosier Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu TournamentThe 2nd Annual Hoosier Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament in Indianapolis, IN is just 27 days away. Please visit the link below for all tournament details and for the on-line registration. Don’t hesitate to register early, as the first 100 registered competitors will automatically have an entry in the drawing for a pair of delux sparring mats provided by Tiffin Athletic Mats valued at $500. We will also have other drawings and door prizes throughout the event giving away merchandise provided by our sponsors: Under Armour Tiffin Athletic MAtsSinister BrandUltrasol SunglassesEldred DesignNew Tech Web ServicesAtamaSuplay Wrestlers WorldJiu Jitsu Pro GearIndianapolis Jiu JitsuElite IrrigationTeam Caique For tournament questions or comments contact: Greg Eldred 317-506-0973 – [email protected]

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