Jucao faces his toughest opponent two weeks before ADCC

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by Marcelo Alonso After winning the brazilian trials and being considered one of the strongest competitors in the 77kg category of the 6th edition of ADCC, Juan ‘Jucao’ Carneiro (BTT) is really tense. Last week, exactly 17 days before ADCC 2005 starts, BTT black beltfaced his most difficult opponent, the final interview to get his U.S. VISA at the American consulate in Rio de Janeiro. ‘Today, the American consulate is the worst opponent of brazilian fighters. The best example of that is Alexandre ‘Pequeno’ Nogueira, seven times world Shooto champion who got his VISA denied twice. I hope most of the Brazilian fighters who will fight in ADCC already got their VISA’, said Jucao.Living in Paris, France since last year where he takes care of BTT France, Juan will bring to the interview at the american consulate his complete curriculum (with pictures published in many MMA magazines), an invitation letter from ADCC promoters and also a paper from his boss in France proving that he works in there and has to return after the event. ‘I respect and admire the USA a lot but I hope they understand that I have no interest to be an illegal immigrant, even now I have a job in France. Fighting in ADCC is my dream since my purple belt, I trained harder than ever, won the trials, and being prohibited to compete in there would be the worst nightmare of my life’ revealed Juc?o.

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