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With Rafael WerneckFollowing in the footesteps of such lands as Morocco and the United States, it is time for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to experience a new sport: Beach Wrestling. Inspired by the men who fought for their honor back in the 19th century, in Greece, the sport consists of a wrestling competition, but instead of being realized inside a gymnasium, it is held on the beach. The 1st Beach Wrestling Cup is scheduled for Sunday, May 15th, at Leblon Beach and one the competitors already confirmed is the Olympic wrestler and Ruas Vale-Tudo athlete Antoine Jaoude. ‘It is going to be a historic event. We are going to fight just like they did in Greece and this is magic. I had an adaptation training session and felt very familiar with the terrain. It was just like getting into a time machine and get back to Greece and Sparta of thousand of years ago. The audience which will attend the competition will witness something very special’ states Jaoude. A six meter circle will be installed on the beach sand and some special rules must be created to the competition. Will be forbidden to touch the sand with the hands to avoid the sand contact with the competitor?s eyes. The athletes will be selected in only two categories: lightweight (up to 80kg for men and up to 58kg for women) and heavyweight (over 80kg for men and over 58kg for women). President of Brazilian Olympic Wrestling Confederation, Pedro Gama Filho is very excited. ?It is going to be a great opportunity to introduce the Olympic wrestling to those people who are not fan of martial arts. Our main goal is to make this historic sport more popular. And Rio de Janeiro?s beach is the perfect place for us to reach our aim?, says Gama Filho.

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