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Readers predictions for the 66-76KGContinuing with our series of readers predictions below are the 66-76KG: (Note these were done BEFORE Jean Jacques was announced as going to the Superfight)Mike Rosen saysMy 2 cents…1) Marcelo Garcia – He was the man last year and is the hottest thing going at this weight right now. 2) JJM – I feel like a copycat here, but… He’s been to the big game many times before, and won so many matches convincingly. The two questions about him are: Has he kept himself in shape training with top notch guys? And will his insistance on submission instead of points cause him to lose 2-0?3) Juan ‘Jucao’ Carneiro – The Brazilian qualifier was deeper than the Mariana trench. Winning that displays an ability to survive the rigors of a tournament. Lack of fame shouldn’t be confused with lack of skills.Dark Horses) Jake Shields and Otto Olson. 2 rock solid wrestlers who are developing very good submission games. Each will start most matches up 2-0, and go from there. Both guys are very tough to tap, and have some good submissions of their own. Renzo Gracie is a dark horse as well. He’s been inactive lately, so tough to call him a favorite, but he’s forgotten more jiu jitsu than you and I will ever learn.Bennett ‘DaCrippler’ Fisher Predicts:1- Marcelo Garcia: I agree with your pick. It was suprising that he lost in the Brazilian Trials in ’03 to Daniel Moraes on points only to come into the main draw and demolish everyone using his patented x-guard sweeps and arm drag to take the back to rear naked choke. He kept busy a year ago entering nearly every competition, both gi and no gi. Its true Terere beat him a total of 3x with the gi, but in ADCC with no gi, its hard to see anyone stopping him. 2- Otto Olson: A wrestler at his base, in ADCC’03 Olson submitted Daniel Moraes with a rear naked choke (something Garcia couldn’t do during his trials match with Moraes), beat Olympic wrestler Chris Brown who’s beaten Renzo Gracie in the past, and beaten Marcos Avellan who’s the US Qualifier. His only loss that year was to Garcia in the finals. A performance that good shows he’s still a big threat.3-Pablo Popovich: He beat ADCC’01 champ Marcio Feitosa in ’03 and like Olson is one of the few in the US to beat US Qualifier Marcos Avellan and Diego Sanchez. His wrestling, strength, jiu-jitsu and busy competition schedule makes him tough to beat for anyone he faces.4- Darkhorses: Renzo Gracie & JJ Machado. Renzo is already a 2x ADCC champion but entered heavier weight divisions in some of the years he lost. He already holds a win over JJ Machado by points. JJ Machado’s smooth as silk technique and constant attacking submissions keeps everyone on edge. One slip up and you can be tapping. Kid Peligro Predicitions for the ADCC 77- 87 KGAgain a reminder that the rating is based on the most current list of names as per ADCC News; so anyone not offically announced is not going to be considered at this point for the ranking.77 – 87.99 KG#1 Saulo Ribeiro 2003 World Champion (Brazil)#2 Demian Maia Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil)#3 David Avellan (USA)#4 Marko Helen European Qualifier (Finland)#5 Hidemi Mihara Japanese Qualifier (Japan)#6 Larry Papadopoulos Australian Qualifier (Australia)#7 Robert Sulski (Poland)#8 Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza (Brazil)#9 Dennis Hallman (USA)#10 Reese Andy (USA)#11 Takefumi Hanai (Japan)This is usually another one of the strongest categories in ADCC. This year wil be no different, however there are a few question marks:1- Saulo Ribeiro: In every ADCC Saulo competed on, he has made the finals in his category, his first year he took second to Jeff Monsen in double overtime, the new year he won over Ricardo Liborio, followed by a second to Sanae Kikuta and in 2003 he beat Jacare for the title. Normally Saulo would easily be the top choice however a shoulder injury at the 2004 BJJ Worlds leave a big question mark? Will his shoulder hold up to the rigors of competition? What kind of conditioning shape will he be in. If the asnwers to both questions is positive look for Saulo to once again be in the finals2- Ronaldo Jacare: In 2004 Jacare won every major BJJ Title, but an elbow hyperextension in the finals of the Absolute against Roger Gracie left him without competing for a while. When he was getting ready to make his big comeback (he did compete in the European BJJ) in the 2005 Pan-Ams, another arm injury. So Jacare comes in with the same question marks as Saulo, how will his arm hold up and what kind of shape will he be in? Again positive answers will yeald the positive results3- Demian Maia – The ADCC Brazil qualifier is a huge trheat when it comes to No-Gi. Although he is not so well known outside Brazil, Demian has been making a name for himself in No-Gi in Brazil. Look for him to challenge for the title.4- Darkhorse: David Avellan – The Avellan brothers are very determined and competitive fighters that knwo the rules and fight fiercely to win. Look for David to spoil some parties on his way to a strong showing.These are my predictions, now I want you to make the call. Email your top predictions to [email protected] and Kid will randomly publish two of the readers predictions along with their info. Then after the event is run, we will have a random drawing of all the entries with the winner getting the 2003 ADCC DVD set sponsored by BJJMart.comADCC Superfight just got HOTTER – Dean Lister engages the services of World Champion Rodrigo ‘Comprido’Just when you thought that the 2005 ADCC Superfight couldn’t get any better, Dean Lister antied-up with the hiring of Rodrigo ‘Comprido’ services. Dean and ‘Comprido’ go back a few years and their friendship has quietly developed over the years, so when Dean was looking for a World class coach and training partner he contacted his friend Comprido. Comprido had been in Southern California preparing for the 2005 Worlds under Fitness and Conditioning coach Robbie Garcia. Garcia, is well known for his extreme movements and unorthodox exercises that translated in tremendous sucess in many sports areas like surfing, boxing, BJJ, Volleyball, ect. He currently coaches many of the top surfers in the World like Kalani Robb, Sunny Garcia & Makua Rothman and has been Superstar Boxing Champ Oscar De La Hoya conditioning coach for many years. So when the invitation came from Dean Comprido jumped at the chance of not only helping his freind prepare for the biggest Grappling match of his life but also continue with his preparation under Garcia a little longer. For information on Garcia email [email protected]> For more on Comprido check out out the pictures of Comprido and Robbie training belowGinastica Natural SeminarsProf Alvaro Romano, the Ginastica Natural master and Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt will be conducting a series of Semianrs in the USA. Romano’s Ginastica is a highly sought after exercise method that replicates the movements of animals to increase flexibility, conditioning and power. JUNE -20O5 SEMINARS PROFESSOR ALVARO ROMANO IN EUA JUNE,11 – SAN FRANCISCO – Contact – 415-724-40-88JUNE,19 – SAN DIEGO – Contact- 619-229-00-22JUNE, 29 /30/ AND 01/02/03 JULY – NEW YORK – Contact – 646-239-61-38 BTT Summer Camp – from the promoter Hi everybody! We have great news for BTT Summer Camp’2005 participants!!! We?re very happy to announce that last Monday (Apr 18) we had a meeting with our partners to set up details for upcoming THIRD BTT Summer Camp (Aug 20th to August 30th) and because of great success of First and Second Edition we got better deals with our hotel, restaurants and partners. We?d like to share them with you. So, everyone who signs up until May 31st will pay only USD 140 per day!!! Murilo Bustamante (Pride & UFC Champion & BJJ World Champion), co-founder of BTT: ?I’m very happy to help Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu development in other countries. That’s why foreigners practitioners are more than welcome at BTT. Personally, I was very impressed with participants development in this small period of time?. I’d like to invite all to enthusiasts in Martial Arts studies to join us at BTT Training Center. It’ll be a pleasure to host you in the most beautiful city of the world?. ?Come and train with the best BJJ and MMA academy in the world at the most beautiful city in the world!!!?’12 BTT BLACK BELTS will be dedicated to our BTT SUMMER CAMP!!’ PACKAGE? 2 daily training sessions at the BTT and NG headquarters under the supervision of the champions Z? MARIO SPERRY, MURILO BUSTAMANTE, BEBEO DUARTE, TOCO AND RODRIGO ANTUNES.?There will be AT LEAST ONE BTT BLACK BELT following EACH PARTICIPANT?s development during BTT SUMMER CAMP!!!? ? Rules Clinic with Certified Referee (CBJJ).? 11 days / 10 nights staying in luxurious apartments at the famous Ipanema beach (steps from the sand of Ipanema Beach).? 2 meals per day included.? Transportation to all activities, incluiding tournament.? Sightseeing to P?o de A?ucar (Sugar Loaf), Barra Beach, shoppings and Maracan? Stadium with a bilingual guide.? Personalized Gi.? Visit to Rocinha Project.? More activities coming soon.If you want to compete in International Masters & Senior Championship, BTT Summer Camp is where you should be. INVESTIMENT: Participants who already signed up received their refund (diference between old and discount price)If you register until,31 MAY it will cost only USD 140 per day = USD 1,540 (ALL INCLUDED)30 JUN it will cost only USD 145 per day = USD 1,595 (ALL INCLUDED)31 JUL it will cost only USD 150 per day = USD 1,650 (ALL INCLUDED)10 AUG it will cost only USD 160 per day= USD 1,760 (ALL INCLUDED) STAFF MEETINGDuring the first day in Rio de Janeiro, participants will attend a meeting at the hotel when everybody involved in the camp will present the schedule, solve doubts regarding their stay and give a Welcome Pack.A travel agency, our partner, will present outdoor activities that can be chose by participants.Options (These activities are not included):Rappel at Pedra da TartarugaTrekking at Pedra Bonita, Pedra da Tartaruga or Pedra da G?veaHang-glidingSPECIAL PACKAGESIf you need SPECIAL PACKAGES, e-mail us. We’re working together with a travel agency to offer the best.[email protected] REGISTER We noticed some have problems signing up via website. Our webmaster is working on it. Send us an e-mail and we’ll send you a registration form. Hope to see you all here. Best regards, Jiu Jitsu Camp @ BTT[email protected] –

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